Importance of Content Marketing

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Importance of Content Marketing


Content marketing is the new age advertising counterpart that develops awareness, increases sales and customer trust through the content published online or offline. Content marketing is more –efficient and easy, though it might be time consuming.

The idea of content marketing is becoming more popular among marketers as a result of the growing influence of social media, but White papers, contributed articles, even infomercials are all forms of content marketing. Essentially, when one creates some content around a particular subject and then delivers a message, that may drive someone towards purchasing or recommending your product or service.

A proper strategy is required to make your content’s importance count. To increase business leads and sales it’s important to be credible in your content. Posting in random content doesn’t count as beneficial as the readers don’t acknowledge your work and term it to be random. Thus introspecting, researching and posting topics which might be appealing for the readers in terms of customer prospects is essential.

Updating oneself constantly is very important to keep in with the changing market trends. Surfing the net, reading blogs, e-journals, newsletters, listening to webinars and keeping track on the customer feedbacks on social platforms is very beneficial as it gives your work an edge over the others if as it becomes more rationalized.

One can publish their content via Blogs, even sent them via E-mails and also post them on social networks. The only thing which counts is whether the content receives the desired response and move forward in the direction on achieving the preferred goal.

Nielsen Online and AOL April 2011 report entitled “Content is the Fuel of the Social Web” showed a detailed analysis of 10,000 social media messages to decipher the methods used for sharing content online.

The overall findings showed that internet users (now in the majority) shared content using multiple methods;

  • 93% preferred using email
  • 89% preferred using social networks
  • 82% preferred using blogs

Users selected their method of sharing depending on the people they were sending content to.

For example when sharing content with friends;

  • 92% used social networks
  • 89% used email

However with family members the preferences weighted as follows;

  • Email 86%
  • Social networks 77%

For colleagues there was a significant bias towards email.

Publicly though;

  • 51% chose message boards
  • 41% preferred blogs

Content Marketing is important as it keeps a track of what exactly is working or not working for ones business and take quick steps in rectifying the shortcomings. Each new piece of content you write for your content marketing business can either make or break your business reputation online.

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