How Your Content Marketing Strategy Improves Conversions

by Grace Miller |

How Your Content Marketing Strategy Improves Conversions

We live in a time where consumers are smarter than ever. They can spot an ad that’s just an ad from a mile away. You know what we’re talking about. They leave that used car salesman feeling and you immediately feel the need to take a shower. Unfortunately, we come from a world where that used to be effective because no one knew any differently. Now, with a wealth of information readily available in our pockets, consumers want education.

Consumers want to leave your content feeling like their lives are improved because they took the time to read your content. So how does this translate in the eCommerce world? Do the same rules apply? Absolutely. We put together a list of some tips, tricks and insights on how an eCommerce brand can utilize content marketing to increase conversion and customer loyalty.

Make Your Content Valuable

As consumers, we know when something is genuine and when it’s not. The world is craving authenticity. Creating content that gives the consumer value is what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. If you can help your consumer get a quick win or some additional insight from your free content, they can only imagine what something behind a paywall can do for them mirziamov.

Some things you can do to add value to your consumer is to write content that takes a stance, tells a story, is interactive or informs. Writing content from any of those perspective tend to do better.

In a world where everyone has an opinion, taking a stance is a great way to repel non-ideal clients and to attract the perfect ones.

We also love a good story as consumers. Everyone loves a story. Make your consumers the hero of whatever story you decide to tell. When consumers can put themselves into your story, which uses your products, it’s easier for them to picture using your product thus more likely to pull out their card and make a purchase.

Are you emailing your list?

Remember when Facebook had that blackout a few weeks ago? Businesses everywhere began to panic in a big way because they spent tons of time building their audience on social media and putting their nurture efforts in social. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love social and absolutely think you need to nurture that audience but you also need to be growing and nurturing an email list. It’s the one thing your company owns. Emailing your list on a regular basis something of value, not just the sale on your latest product or service, is a simple yet effective way to convert leads with ease. Emails can also help you boost your referrals and UGC strategy as well.

This is an easy way to build that know, like and trust factor with your audience in an intimate way. Our email addresses are deeply personal and this is a way right into someone’s hand. It’s not happen-chance that someone will see your post but a guarantee that your content lands in their inbox. It’s a unique opportunity we have as business owners and an eCommerce brand is not limited in their usage of this tool.

While a follow-up email on abandoned carts and new member welcomes yield higher than average conversion rates, 5% according to Marketing Insider Group, a newsletter that does not have the intention of sales actually brings in a 1% conversion rate. Now that may not seem like a large number of conversions but it’s an average and 1% more in sales than your eCommerce brand currently yields. No one can complain about an uptick in sales. If you spend time nurturing that email list and do it well, you can expect a higher return than that.

Do you even blog?

Chances are things are changing in your industry at rapid fire. Every industry is changing rapidly due to tech advances daily. With so much change, there’s a lot of knowledge you could be sharing with your consumers regularly. A blog is a great way to share updates about the company, the industry, employees, etc. Blogs are not only great for presenting knowledge to your existing client base but great Google. Use a blog to answer FAQs and see the traffic flood in!

What happens when we produce valuable content for our consumers is something changes in the dynamic. We go from eCommerce brand and purchaser to an educator/educate relationship. We actually form a relationship from transformation.

That transformation is what keeps customers coming back time and time again and recommending your brand to their friends. The deeper the emotional connection, the longer a consumer stays with your brand. As millennials make up more and more of the buying power, they care about a brand’s story and values. What will you do to highlight your position in the marketplace?

If you’re not entirely sure what your story is and how to translate that into content your consumers would care about, let Annex Cloud help. We’re experts in helping brands like the one you’re running turn their expertise into something a consumer would love, care about and recommend out. Schedule a consultation with one of our team members today to see how we can help you in the growth and scaling of your brand.

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