How User-Generated Content Empowers the e-Commerce Sphere

by Deepak Nautiyal |

How User-Generated Content Empowers the e-Commerce Sphere

User-generated content plays an undeniable role when it comes to boosting revenue for e-commerce brands. However, the way in which this rich content should be utilized also holds high importance. This blog post will develop an overview of user-generated content and how it helps e-commerce brands gain on different fronts.

User-Generated Content Definition – An Introduction

We must first understand the meaning of user-generated content (UGC). As per the definition, UGC is the myriad of content provided by online users who are typically the customers of an e-commerce brand and can be any online content contributed by the users mentioned above. It offers numerous benefits for brands that can use it effectively. Typically, UGC variations entail reviews, photos, and videos and comprise comments on blogs, Facebook, and other social platforms. However, in the case of e-commerce brands, the prime focus on UGC encompasses more standard product images, videos, and reviews.

Benefits & Scope of User-Generated Content

User-generated content goes a long way in enabling brands to make a more favorable impression on the new and existing customers. The diverse range of content uploaded by users on e-commerce websites predominantly comprises product photos, product videos, and product reviews. Brands need to focus on UGC due to the diverse benefits it brings. Besides increasing engagement and building trust, UGC also helps spark conversations, which we’ll get into later.

Increased Conversions

The high volume of UGC available on an e-commerce website helps site visitors better understand the available product. While product images and videos take buyers a step closer to the actual product, reviews provide the basis for customers to decide on whether to buy the product or look for an alternative.

Build Trust on Brand

The higher the amount of quality UGC on your website, the higher the degree of trust customers have in your brand. Buyers prefer purchasing from a credible brand. Availability of UGC thus reinforces that trust. And new buyers can analyze reviews to get a more realistic look at the product and know what to expect if they bring it home too.

Better Engagement

UGC provides valuable data on how your existing buyers (or potential buyers) perceive your products. Providing customers a platform to have their questions answered from a reliable source like product experts or verified buyers helps the potential buyers and facilitates improved engagement. Customers often have many questions before buying a product; if they can have all of them answered by trusted sources, it raises the chances of total customer satisfaction.

User-Generated Content Holds Enormous Potential to Help Brands Grow

UGC offers plentiful opportunities to brands looking to grow their revenue and brand value. This is true not just for the e-commerce brands but for any other brands with an online presence. Leading coffee brand Starbucks, for example, posts fan-submitted content quite often. While people love Starbucks coffee and other assorted drinks, posting user images and videos shared encourages drinkers to buy more coffee and snap more pictures to get another shot of insta-fame. The motivation provided to the other customers of Starbucks is to share more and more images to get their chance of catching the notice of their favorite coffee brand. So, UGC can work wonders for almost every brand with an online presence, provided the available content is utilized in an innovative manner. If you want to know how Annex Cloud can help you make the most out of User-Generated Content, connect with our experts now!


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