How Twitter can Benefit your Business

by Sean Ogino |

How Twitter can Benefit your Business

Twitter is the 2nd largest social networking platform next to facebook and businesses have been flocking to get a piece of this emerging trend of social commerce. When businesses learn how to utilize twitter it can bring a lot of conversion sales and loyalty.

One key to utilizing twitter is having your tweets stand out from the rest. These types of tweets can consist of providing your audience which is potentially your consumer with information that impacts them somehow. Consumers don’t want a sells pitch they want to see and hear how your products can benefit them or how you can make their experience easier.

Consumers want to know this type of information which includes facts. When you have other ecommerce businesses that sell the similar product as yourself, you want to embrace why you’re the right choice and not go with some other company.

On Twitter online retailers still need help when asking their consumers about buying their proiduct. 23% of businesses feature deals on twitter. Very few retailers are promoting deals that are exclusive to their twitter channel. Having these type of exclusive content an offers can create an immediate type of relationship that can create a community.

Twitter is not only about the content you present to your consumers but how well you engage with them. The main concept that social media was built on is to build relationships. Businesses can grasp this concept by listening to what their consumers needs are. One important aspect about content is finding your voice on twitter and how you want to represent your brand/company to your audience. Most retailers haven’t learned how to act like people; they still act like stores instead of building a personality around their brands. Social media requires personality just not special offers- to build a following and build trust.

Remember social media should complement existing storefronts rather than replacing them. Without a clear goal of how social media enhances existing online retailers are just left to post just about anything.

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