How To Use Twitter Lists Effectively

by Annex Cloud |

How To Use Twitter Lists Effectively

Lists are one of my favorite features of Twitter. Lists basically help in managing my Twitter account more properly. If you are not using Twitter Lists so far hopefully after reading this blog I should be able to convince you to start using Lists.

The main benefit of using Twitter lists is that you get a very quick snapshot of what people on that list are tweeting at that moment. You don’t even have to remember the names of tweeters you want to check, you don’t even need to follow them. You simply open your list in Twitter and read what’s being tweeted.

The benefits of using Twitter Lists are numerous here are few reasons why I use Twitter Lists:

  1. It helps in easily segmenting your Twitter Followers
  2. You can keep track of different networks of friends and colleagues
  3. It improves your ability to engage as well as your relevancy and reach
  4. It helps you connect with influencers and improves your brands identity and SEO
  5. You can monitor your competitors and carry out specific market research.
  6. It helps you in showcasing your expertise to people that you want to take a notice of.
  7. It helps in following you the latest updates of a particular industry.
  8. You can lists to pitch about products to people who you think are highly influential and can help you with marketing your product.
  9. You can also follow lists that other people have created. You benefit by accessing all of the tweeters on that list without even having to follow any of the people on that list. Click the option called Lists and you’ll see the lists they’ve created and just click on follow list that way you have access to the entire list.
  10. Lists can be great way of helping others also if you’ve created a public list that you think other people would benefit from, you can tweet a link to your list and encourage other people to follow your list.

So these are some simple and smart ways of using Twitter Lists hopefully you would have started thinking Twitter lists do let us know How do you use Twitter lists?

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