How to Increase Your Fan Base

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Increase Your Fan Base

Fans are assets to any company when it comes to social media marketing. The no. of fans and followers a company page has   on a social network clearly indicates its reputation, popularity and social standing. Hence increasing your fan base is a crucial step when it comes to expanding sales and growth through social media.

Setting up a base dedicated to your business on any social networking platform isn’t sufficient. Roping in new fans and maintaining old loyalists is important as fans are the one who make or break your business. Nobody likes anything for any random reason; therefore setting your company a step ahead is essential. Listed below are some tips which might help in increasing your fans and followers which are your prospective buyers.

  • Maintaining and updating a very attractive and user-friendly business page is the key to increasing your fan base and promoting your venture.


  • Conducting interactive sessions with the already existing fan base will certainly improve your status as a company and attract more fans who are you leads.



  • Start setting out at least one newsletter weekly as they have a large reading audience, and remember to set up a link which directs it to the weekly newsletter.


  • Provide links on your company website which directs people to follow or like your business on either of the social networks.



  • Content on your business page is the most important factor as it informs the audience about various new products, events and discounts.Hence,content you share must be up-to-date, spam free, engaging and clean which would certainly boost up your fan base.


  • Remind and reward your fans, followers and loyal consumers when they share, like and recommend your page and products.



  • Host and promote events online, some which are conducted by you, some which are conducted by brands popular among the masses.


  • Create a simple short URL on your Facebook page to be easily remembered by the users.



  • Ask your clients and partners to become your fans and followers on social networking thus exposing your company to a wider audience.


  • Start a contest involving a popular or interesting trend where you fans can be registered luring in more fans and prospective buyers.

Integrating these steps in your social media marketing strategy will certainly boost up your online sales and status.

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