How To Increase Engagement with Fans on Facebook

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How To Increase Engagement with Fans on Facebook

A good conversation is said to be happening between two parties when we find thoughts and ideas being exchanged and honest answers are coming in timely manner such that neither feels alone or bored. When both the sides are engaged in such a manner none of them feel out of place. Business who seek to find success Social Media also need to follow the same sets of rules when engaging with their fans in order to execute successfully their Social Media strategy. The basic idea between engagements is to understand what the fan wants and getting that information from them to make them happy.

Social Network giant Facebook currently leads the race for user engagement and we have seen a lot of brands right from retail stores to sports team using Facebook with different engagement strategies to increase their fan base and to drive that fan base to get sales from them. Brands have deployed various entertaining tactics to catch the attention of the fans on Facebook. In this blog we outline 3 such effective strategies for increasing engagement.

Add Photo’s and Video’s : I am sure you have heard the saying “A picture is worth thousand words” and there no better way of story telling than visual telling. Photos and Videos can bring back a nostalgic feeling among your audience and get your content the buzz that you are looking for. In fact the best way to pick up things is visually as people tend to remember such moments when they are not even on Social Networks. Photos and videos not only generate higher interactions on the Wall, but they also have priority when Facebook’s Edge Rank determines what to include in the Top News Feed. More time in the news feed means more consumer engagement. Offering a behind the scenes look at your product or your brands always keeps you community engaged and they will be looking and waiting for such videos and photos from you always. Keeping the visual content simple and entertaining is the key to success with this strategy.

An example to successful visual strategy would be FC Barcelona the Spanish Soccer club which has built a high level of user engagement with pics and videos which the fans will not get to see exclusively. The main profile pic for the club itself gets a nostalgic feeling among the fans across the globe and has got a lot of likes and comments from the fans. In this case the argument may come as since it is sports club the treat would be visual however there are other brands such as the Mercedes Facebook page regularly posts multiple pictures, videos and albums a week.

Develop Games For Your Brand : Facebook and games go hand in hand, one of the major reasons for the success of Facebook with teens is the gaming facility provided by the Red Bull Gameplatform. There have been numerous reports indicating how much time people spend playing games on Facebook and which gender and age group is more addicted to games. With such a big success formula available in front of you it would be stupid enough to ignore the power of building a game for your brand. While developing games for your brand the one thing to keep in mind is that the game should underscore a particular brand message.

An example of building engagement with games is the Red Bull Facebook page. Red Bull has developed a series of online games for their fans. The games are focused on sports and high impact competitions and aimed at keeping their fans to come back to the page.

Offer Deals : One thing for sure that drives engagement online or offline is exciting deals on products. Truth is over 54% of social media users follow at least one brand. More Levi's rewardsimportantly, the number one reason why most people follow brands is to “get a special offer” according to several studies. So a highly effective way to increase engagement is to take advantage of that factor. The best thing to do while providing offer and deals to your fans is go slow that is give small deals initially so that they keep awaiting for more deals from you as well as the buzz is created among the followers about the deals that you offer. While giving out deals you can promote an extra discount if your fans invite any of his friends to join you, this way you will have access to lot of leads for further social media engagement.

Quoting a good example for deals is like finding a drop of water from sea as every brand comes up with this strategy successfully but still brands such as Blackberry, Levis, and Dominos have come up with some innovative and successful deals to attract their fans.

There are many more strategies which you can focus on while building engagement with followers on Facebook. The key factor is how you execute each strategy and how much success you are build with your community.

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