How to Elevate Your Customer Loyalty Program

by Bistriti Poddar |

How to Elevate Your Customer Loyalty Program

When it comes to customer loyalty and marketing for ecommerce, it’s crucial to stay on top of current trends. Simply having a plug-and-play loyalty program doesn’t do it anymore. It’s about creating a complete digital experience catered to your brand as well as your customers. But what can a retailer do to take their loyalty program to the next level? I’m glad you asked. Here are the tips and tricks to elevating your loyalty solution!

Omni-Channel Loyalty Strategy

One of the most important aspects of your program is ensuring it’s being marketed properly across an array of sales channels. Everywhere from your Instagram account to your POS system, it needs to display a consistent message about your brand. All of this adds to the customer experience, how they see your brand online directly correlates to how often they purchase. A staggering 87% of people believe that brands need to deliver a more consistent customer experience. How is your brand being perceived online?

Referral Marketing

This should be a no-brainer, but referrals are often so overlooked in customer loyalty. It costs about 5X more to acquire a new customer than to keep an old customer. The key is rewarding them early and consistently. Implementing a refer-a-friend program that you can market through email, social media, and on your website is the best way to find buyers with intention. We as consumers seek affirmation from our friends and family regarding what we purchase. So when they rave about a product that we’re interested in, we’re more likely to buy. The best way to get those positive customers talking about our products is giving them incentives towards the next purchase. And there’s no better way to inspire an excited new shopper than to give them incentives off of their first purchase!

Experiential Rewards

Experiential rewards is a great way to take your customer loyalty program to the next level. Because we know your avid consumers already like your products, adding rewards where customers experience more of your brand is great thing. These incentives need to speak true to your brand, exclusive experiences that they can only participate in by being your customer. Sephora does an amazing job of this, their Rewards Bazaar includes things like immersive shopping experiences, curated makeovers, early releases to new arrivals, and much more.

customer loyalty programOne thing I love about them is every week, they have new and exclusive product offerings just for their rewards members. They always switch up the products so they’re always fresh, which makes their most loyal customers scower their website each week for the right deals. Want to mix things up a bit with your rewards? Try switching them up a bit, make them dynamic rewards rather than a standard points-for-purchase system. This strategy has proven to be successful in establishing customer loyalty.

Tech Integrations

We talk a lot about what strategies to implement, what rewards to add, and where to market; but nothing can be done if we don’t have the right technology behind it. As much as featuring dynamic rewards seems awesome in theory, it’s quite technical in scope. You need the right program that is able to support all of these moving components, this is where plug-and-play programs fall way short. They lack customization and ultimately don’t scale to where you want your program to be. When launching your loyalty solution, you need to be able to integrate and manage all of your integrations from one central source. By building out a program that can connect your website, point of sale, email service provider and even SMS implementation; you’re setting yourself up for great success.

Social & Behavioral Rewards

The most standard practice of earning points through a loyalty program is by purchasing from that retailer. It’s been that since the beginning. But now with social media we’re able to expand those earnings into so much more. Things consumers would normally do online such as following their favorite brand on Instagram or subscribing to a newsletter is now worthy of earning points!

Creating and utilizing your own branded hashtag is a great way to utilize this feature as well. When customers are members of your program and use your #brandedhashtag, out software is able to track that and connect a customers’ loyalty programs to their social media accounts. By adding this way of earning, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the uptick in loyal customers!

How to Elevate Your Loyalty Strategy

All of these factors are key in taking your customer loyalty program to the next level. Everything from where your program is marketed to what integrations to include will determine the success of your retention strategy. Have questions about how to break through the noise and elevate your loyalty program? Chat with a loyalty expert at Annex Cloud! We will consult you on best practices for all of your needs and find the right loyalty strategy for you!

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