How Questions and Answers Will Boost Your eCommerce Strategy

by Grace Miller |

How Questions and Answers Will Boost Your eCommerce Strategy

Are you investing time in your Questions and Answers? Unfortunately many in retail overlook it, but let us tell you why they’re wrong. The best ecommerce brands use every channel possible when it comes to communicating with their customers. That’s because in order to compete with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world, businesses must leverage their user generated content as much as possible. Q&A is no exception, consumers trust their peers any other source so it’s important to advertise their positive input. That being said, check out our reasons for why you need to incorporate Q&A into your ecommerce site today!

Boosting SEO

Google, Bing, and Mozilla rank on-page questions and answers highly because the content is optimized for the keywords searchers are using. And, the content itself is seen as generated by 3rd party contributors (shoppers) of your website which also boosts search engine ranking. These pages receive traffic boosts because they qualify as “frequently updated content.” Information your company may have left out of your product description will often arrive through Q&A and enhance the searchability of that product.
Visitors often search in the form of a question, rather than a single keyword. So the questions your customers post are more likely to match exact search queries.

Boosting SEO

Targeting Traffic to Improve Conversions

Linking to other internal pages, when responding as the brand, will improve SEO interlinking and backlinking scores. Someone asks about the shipping policy, link to your Shipping & Handling page.

Alleviating Purchase Anxiety

New visitors struggle to establish trust with your brand for the first time. The most effective strategy to remove those inhibitions is providing user generated content such as real photos of your products, ratings & reviews of your products from previous shoppers, and offering questions and answers to inform decisions.

Reduce Load on Customer Support

The 80/20 rule holds true when it comes to the variety of questions shoppers have for support channels. 80% of the questions received, are repeat questions asked by previous shoppers. By obtaining standardized answers, along with social proof from previous buyers, the ecommerce store improves conversion, provides better quality information to shoppers, and reduces the full-time-equivalent needed from support channels.

Creating a Unique Micro-Experience

Like with responding to reviews left on your product pages, brands have a key opportunity to use Q&A to create a micro-experience. The brand has a chance to display the human qualities of their business. Whether it be a question with a negative sentiment, or a rave positive sentiment, the way your brand responds publicly speaks volumes to new shoppers. And where better to display these interactions than your product pages that you want to convert on.

Improve Conversions

97% of visitors abandon purchases because they were either conducting research, or they didn’t have the information in front of them to help them proceed confidently with their purchase in that moment. Q&A provides the ability for a hesitant buyer to get answers to their questions, allowing the shopper to now feel confident in purchasing.

Organically Build FAQs

Questions & Answers helps the marketing team gain improved intelligence to know which questions and challenges customers are having in their journey that may prevent conversions. Using Q&A to improve your FAQs that shoppers also search for will decrease the margin of missed opportunities.

Incentivize Loyal Customers

A community-engaged Q&A helps the brand leverage past customers to help potential customers, allowing the brand to build their own community of product experts and evangelists. Building a “Answer a question” user action as a way to earn points in your loyalty program will significantly amplify the community involvement you cultivate.

Business Intelligence

Enable your marketing team to access consumer feedback which can be used to improve messaging, improve product feedback, and identify pain points of your loyal customers. This will add to Net Promoter Score by evaluating the positive or negative sentiments of Questions and Answers.

Implementing Questions and Answers

Now do you see how important implementing Q&A into your site? More and more consumers turn to this information in their buying decision, making peer recognition that much more important. However, it’s one to discuss what can help your site convert and it’s another implement these tactics. Things like response time, moderating the community, and incentivizing verified-buyer answers are all keys to best positioning your brand for success. Call or contact Annex Cloud today to hear about how Questions and Answers can help you master the ecommerce industry!

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