How Pinterest is Valuable to your Business

Pinterest is now among the top 3 social networks with being compared to twitter and facebook. If you aren’t up to date what Pinterest is it’s basically allows users to share different things by creating collages that are virtual called boards.  Pinterest is a great example to use in the booming industry of social commerce. It has opened a new way to sharing online content let it be products, tutorials, or even article findings. A recent study done by Shareaholic showed that pinerest was responsible for more than 3% of referral traffic in January of this year, beating out Google+, Youtube, and Linkedin combined.

  • Presence: You need to make sure what kind of image you want to present. Keep your Pinterest professional, all your pins, photos, and names
  • Promotions: organize a promotion through your fan base; provide an incentive for them post of your own
  • Content: the content you create on your boards indicates your area of knowledge. Make boards that are related to your field


So how can Pinterest Help your Business via Social Commerce?

Many brands and companies have begun to merge Pinterest onto each one of their product pages. With this it makes it easy for the consumer to easily pin a product that the consumer wants onto their boards. Pinterest is more consumers based than actually running email campaigns and etc. The retailer wins by having the consumer convert for almost nothing. It’s easy when checking out Pinterest what the latest trends are in real time, making other users aware what’s going on now and what have friends pinned.

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