How Fashion Retailers Use Social Media

by Sean Ogino |

fashimage_thumbPeople who are interested in the latest fashion trends always picked up fashion magazines to know about the ever-changing “ins” of the industry.  However, social media has changed this totally.  Journalists, fashion incubators, and so called fashion gurus who were just interested in the industry are now using the social platforms to reach their audiences and reignite brand passion and customer loyalty.

Fashion brands and retailers have utilized Social Media in several ways including reporting news, updates, events, promotions, and customer service.  Organizations use Facebook to promote events and post stories while they use Twitter for shorter updates and announcements.  Fashion retailers are experimenting with having their own social networks and even invitation only communities.  Brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, and Burberry have launched their own social networks and/or added social components to their websites. Social Media video sharing has also gained popularity with fashion brands beginning to host and distribute video content and ads online.  Video sharing site usage has increased from 30% in 2006 to 80% in 2012 and looks like this will continue to grow.  While Twitter and Facebook are being heavily used by all the retailers Instagram has also found a lot of followers as it provides a perfect platform for audiences who are passionate about images. We have put forward some numbers about a few of the fashion retailers that we follow based on their Twitter followers and Facebook likes;

Retailer Twitter Facebook Blog Posts
Juicy Couture 47,257 13,69,045 Yes
Nordstrom 1,53,215 11,65,136 Yes
Karmaloop 67,294 2,69,494 Yes
8and9 5,857 4,626 Yes

While all of the above retailers and others have utilized Social media to their advantage, the race to stay ahead in the numbers game continues and with more and more people preferring to shop online the reach and impact of Social Media will increase in 2013.  So if you are still deciding whether you need to focus on Social for 2013 think twice.



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