How Brands Can Use Instagram To Market Themselves

by Annex Cloud |

Instagram has captured the heart of many people since it’s launch in October 2010 and that is why probably it has grown over 6 million people since its launch till now. Instagram is nothing but a application that allows its users to take pictures and share it across various social platforms. Though just an application Instagram has now become more like a Social Network where you find more and more people and brands sharing photos and telling their story across with the help of these images. So the big question is do you think your brand should be a part of this Social Network ? Well the answer is Instagram might not suite every brand but yes certain brands can certainly benefit from Instagram in a big way, the few business that can really benefit from Instagram are travel brands, fashion brands, beverage brands, Showbiz in general. So lets try to see how you as a brand can use Instagram to get the maximum for your business.

1_InstagramThere is no doubt that a good image will attract more followers at the first instance then probably a written text. Marketing is all about story telling and as the saying goes that “A picture is worth thousand words”  Instagram is your tool to say that story it not only offers a way to generate interesting content for the social networks you currently use, it also provides brands with a new medium through which you can generate awareness and engagement towards your brand.

Instagram is an opportunity for brands to conduct a real time market research and drive momentum towards their brand.  To make sure that you deepen relationship with your fans make sure that you are posting regularly just as you would do on any social media. Give your fans a sneak peak of behind the scenes use the Instagram tool to maximum and give your pictures a life. This will help you in increasing fan loyalty across other social platforms also.

StarbucksInstagram_2011_1Increase your visibility on Instagram by inviting your followers on Twitter and Facebook to join you on Instagram. Run contests and user activities on Instagram, cultivate a unique visual scene and keep your fans engaged by taking constant feedback from them. This will add a human element to your brand and keep your brand engaged with your fans.

Integrate Instagram with all other Social media platforms. Don’t let Instagram be a solo platform, use hash tags to promote your brand also make a list of hash tags that Instagram users are using these keywords should also be relevant to your brand or marketing campaign so you’ll have a better chance to be discovered by using them.

Having looked at how as brand you can use Instagram to market your brand, let’s look at some top brand who are putting this medium to the best of their use.

  1. Good Morning America
  4. Starbucks
  5. Threadless

The thing to notice while you take a look at these brands is that all of them have given focus to the human aspect of things while promoting their brand. They give their fans a chance to share their thoughts and let them know how the brand actually fits into their life’s. Instagram is still new and exploring itself and a powerful tool for attracting, growing, and engaging an increasingly visually sophisticated audience. If you are keen in exploring the potential of Social media then this is the platform with lot unexplored potential that you should not be missing out.



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