How Brands Can Make The Most Out Of Social Media

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Media Marketing

Social MediaSocial Media can have a great impact on your business if used the right way, so what is the right way? Is the question most of you would ask? The answer is no one knows what work for you may not work for someone else and vice versa, the whole thing is about experimenting and being ready to take up the challenges as they come. When we talk about experimenting it’s not about the basics like share your content and keep your community engaged it’s about going ahead and setting the tone for others. There are many big brands that are already doing this successfully and making sure that they capitalize on whatever Social Media has to offer them. In this article we list out some ways to make the most out of what Social Media has to offer you for your business

  • The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are making use of each and every feature that Social Media has to offer you and its not about just adding a profile pic and mentioning who you are in your status its going beyond that. For example Google+ is one of the best used tools for visualizing your important moments make sure you are using the power of the tool or do you have custom tabs for your Facebook page there are so many other small details which many brands miss out on most of the Social networks. Make sure that you make use of each and every feature available you never know what can make a difference.
  • Social Media presence should not be kept aloof make sure that you notify about your Social Media presence to everyone on your website and blog by adding social sharing buttons. Allow people to share your content and encourage them to follow your social media accounts by making the most of social sharing buttons.
  • Prepare Content that your users want to read this will help you in increasing sharing of your content and will expose your brand to more potential customers as any activity on your Social Network page will be automatically seen by their connections also. For example Google+ offers a concept of “topic circles” where you can ask you users what topic they are interested in and they create a circle of people who are interested in that topic and start sharing targeted content around that topic just to that circle.
  • Create landing pages with proper form to capture new leads and make sure that you have proper marketing analytics in place to track all the new leads at times. This will give you an idea of how good your Social Media strategy is and what you need to do to capture more leads.
  • Be quick to take care of any concerns raised by your customers on Social Media, this will require regularly monitoring your Social Media presence. Social Media has the potential to spread any news virally there have been various instances when brands have neglected negative concerns by their customers and seen the effect of that.
  • Use keywords in your social updates so that your business get founds regularly when people are searching for certain topics. Google keeps on making changes in its ranking algorithm so make sure that you use the right keywords and the proper content so that your business is not getting dumped when there is any change in ranking algorithms.

These are 6 simple things that we believe you can do to make the most out of Social Media for starters at least while there are many more options and many more ways one can use Social Media. Do let us know what your thoughts are on How to make the most of Social Media.

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