Holiday Shopping 2015: Get Ahead With Social Commerce

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Or, at least, it will be before we know it. While it’s only August, the Holiday 2015 season is fast approaching, and retailers are already planning for it.

Selfridges, a high-end British department store, has already opened their Christmas shop, reports ABC. The retail subsection, which the chain has been planning since the 2014 holidays, opened during the first week of August.

Even if you won’t have visitors from around the world flocking to your store to see your custom-made Hungarian glass ornaments, you can still take a cue from Selfridges and start planning early.

Of course, you’ll want to take a look at the key statistics from last year’s holiday shopping season. For example, time-sensitive offers—especially ones lasting less than two days—did extremely well. Unsurprisingly, mobile engagement was a huge trend last year and will probably only be greater this year. Mobile shopping apps are extremely popular, and a fifth of those who use them in-store do so to look at ratings and reviews. It’s only logical to leverage this knowledge into more sales by ensuring that you have ratings and reviews set up on your ecommerce site well before the holiday season starts. That way, when shoppers are doing their seasonal shopping, they’ll have easy access to a wealth of information about your brand.

If you want to make your user generated content strategy even more convincing, you may want to look at visual commerce methods that incorporate customer photos. When ecommerce businesses use photos from their fans, they give themselves a stronger air of authenticity while giving prospective customers even more information about their products.

One last smart ahead-of-time strategy (for now) is to give customers the opportunity to refer friends and to easily share information about your brand on social media. If you wait until the onset of the holiday shopping season to try to publicize your brand, you’ll only be reaching consumers at a point when they’re being inundated with brand messages. If you reach them before the Christmas commercials start airing, however, you’ll have planted yourself in their minds and they’ll look to you when they want to start making their purchases.

Keep an eye on our blog for more Holiday 2015 retail tips to come!

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