The No Hassle Facebook Contest

by Sean Ogino |

The No Hassle Facebook Contest

Creating engaging content on Facebook is a challenge. Posting photos, quotes and interesting articles can get a bit redundant, especially if you don’t have time to curate relevant and amazing content. The most interactive type of content are Facebook contests. These get your fans to actively participate in your online community through liking, entering and sharing. But if you don’t have time to run a month long promotion or want to do something with the same level of interaction and a tenth of the work, try running a Post Contest instead. Post Contests are as easy as posting a photo or comment to your wall, but instead of leaving the call to action blank, ask for comments or likes as your entries.

These work well to instantly engage with your fanbase on Facebook and can go on for as long or short as needed. There are a variety of ways to execute a Post Contest, but the most important feature of any contest is the incentive. Reward users well for interacting with your brand online.

Most often these are run as caption contests. Post an interesting/fun photo and ask fans to come up with a clever or funny caption for it. After picking a winner, showcase the photo and the winning caption on site and on social to show appreciation for your fans and recognition for your Top Influencers. These are a great way to allow fans to interact with your brand with very minimal work.

The options are really limitless. Enable your fans to get creative. Chipotle recently ran a Post Contest asking for haikus about their fans love of their food. Although simplistic in nature, Post Contests can get very creative. Reverse the caption contest and ask fans to upload their own photos to fulfill a certain caption. These work great as an opportunity for fans to name products as well. Let your fans invest in the brand they love and have a say in shaping your business.

Create a viral experience by giving extra entries to fans who share the contest as well. This will increase your contest’s reach and drive more fans to your Facebook page and ultimately your website. Instead of just picking a random winner, create a more interactive experience by rewarding the user with the most likes on their entry. This helps you identify your top influencers and will increase your reach even more as your fans ask their friends to come vote for them.

Post Management
Annex Cloud offers a Post Management System to help you continue to gather social data through a simple Post Contest. You’ll be able to see who commented, liked and shared for insights for your next campaign.

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