Grow your Business Substantially with an Effective UGC platform

by Bistriti Poddar |

Grow your Business Substantially with an Effective UGC platform

UGC or User Generated Content marketing, is one of the most authentic, reliable and effective marketing strategies and entails content types like photos, reviews, or even Q&A. Choosing the right user-generated content platform can be the key to business success. A UGC platform can also be understood as a Software-as-a-service(Saas) product that helps aggregate & publish reliable, authentic & inspiring user-generated content across different marketing touchpoints. UGC campaigns grow brand trust, engagement, & sales. A UGC platform with scalable and diverse features can help you empower the content and drive incremental revenue and growth. They discover relevant user generated content from different spaces of the internet into one single feed. On the digital platform, UGC is entirely about letting the world know about the product that you have purchased, and your feedback as a customer.

When should you consider a UGC platform

  • Your brand has an audience that is supportive and engaged
  • Your audience actively shares content and also has the potential to be a part of your campaign
  • Engagement is a crucial part of your marketing strategy

The role of User Generated Content in marketing

In today’s marketing arsenal, User Generated Content plays a crucial role. The proof of having dedicated customers, authenticity, and messages from customers and not brands, creates a strong social foundation, where reviews are seen as unbiased and absolutely genuine.

Research states buyers trust user generated visuals over advertisements made by the brand itself, as more than two-thirds, almost 72% of customers trust Instagram photos. With millions of people sharing photos and videos on social media, User generated content is economic and has got little to no cost involved, as most of the photos are sourced from a customer’s social media account. Marketers can hence use both user generated content and commissioned content, that has proved to increase brand engagement by almost 28%.

Importance of UGC platforms

  1. The wide reach and exposure guaranteed by UGC platforms makes reaching massive audiences easy. With custom brand hashtags, users can view opinions and feedback to make the right decision before purchasing. UGC platforms successfully amplify the reach of your marketing strategy to the masses.
  2. Your loyal customers can be your biggest brand advocates! UGC platforms use their customer created content to showcase brand advocacy and attract other customers to generate revenue without investing a lot in a trustworthy marketing campaign.

Why are UGC platforms crucial for your brand?

One of the top benefits of using a UGC platform is that they serve as an excellent social proof, that encourages users to build trust and be associated with the brand. Customers are almost 2.4% more likely to view user generated content as authentic than brands who advertise their own products or service. When brands share user generated content, they are doing much more than just engaging with their customers. They make the user feel important and appreciated. UGC platforms effectively increase brand engagements, and help increase the conversion rate for e-commerce stores. UGC’s omnichannel potential is extremely powerful that helps improve the overall marketing experience by diversely mixing marketing applications to extend trustworthy buying.

Choosing the right UGC platform

There are some crucial factors before you select the right UGC platform like the solutions you want from the platform, your objectives from your UGC campaign, how flexible and customizable is the platform you’re considering, is it value for money, does it have omnichannel capabilities and what are the industries or clients the UGC platform has catered to so far. Propel your shoppers into advocates with UGC solutions like visual commerce, ratings & reviews and questions & answers with Annex Cloud UGC software. We work with a variety of platforms to deliver the best in UGC program capability. At Annex Cloud, helping our clients succeed is a point of pride, which is why our dedicated support staff is available to help guide you through the process. Call for a demo today!

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