Going Social for Profit

by Sean Ogino |

Going Social for Profit

The definition of a business is the attempt to make a profit by either selling goods or services. The keyword in this sentence is profit. From umbrella conglomerates and big time corporations to small website start-ups and brick and mortar retail stores, every business is striving to turn a profit. So looking at apparel and retail companies in the e-commerce space, we ask what is the objective? Increasing new customer traffic and improving the life time value of the customer should be the number one goal.  Companies that have these objectives and goals ought to consider other alternatives besides generic marketing and advertising campaigns and really progress with what is trending.

Now looking at Social Networking: Social is the next progression of our generation and potentially the most powerful tool used by the youth. This is not just some fad or trend that will be hyped up and go away in a few years, it is the present and the future for being connected on many levels. By utilizing its reach and power, if strategized correctly, you can be part of the future of marketing and advertising.

For just about every conglomerate or small website owner Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest are the most popular and have the most pull.  Companies around the world are realizing this fact and are now trying to figure out ways to better enhance their reach by strategizing Social initiatives. Starting the conversation internally is half the battle and companies are developing tools that do just that, creating strategies to increase profits on large scales. Tools are developed and then implemented on websites faster and easier than ever before.

Believe in the power of Social Networks and grow with the times. You don’t want to be the company that did not take part of this ‘Social Boom’ and miss out on the amount of revenue you could have gained.  The opportunity is now to project your brand name and generate incremental profits.


By Jason Greenberg

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