A Fully Managed Social Platform: Loyalty

by Sean Ogino |

A Fully Managed Social Platform: Loyalty

From start to finish, we’ll optimize every step of the way for the optimized results.

Every business is unique with distinct clients and different goals. Annex Cloud knows this, so from the start, each client is given a dedicated team for end to end support, from mockups to live dates. Each dedicated team includes a Customer Success manager, a Social Media manager, an Implementation Architect and a Design Lead. From small businesses to corporate enterprises, the Annex Cloud platform is fully scalable.

A niche product retailer came to us with the challenge of developing a strategy to keep customers engaged and excited about its new product. After discussing a few solutions, we agreed that a loyalty platform would be the best to implement early on for optimal engagement. Annex Cloud loyalty programs are customized for each client’s goals and customer base, with a focus on increased engagement and customer lifetime value. This particular retailer’s goal was to increase retention for its rapidly growing business in a relatively new product niche.

After the goal was set, their Success Team developed the customized loyalty program with best practices for site placement and marketing the initial launch. The Design Leads created mock ups and the Implementation Architects created test links. After going live, their Customer Success manager meets with them every week for continual check-ins and optimization.

In order to continue growing loyalty membership, a new strategy was proposed to host Double Point events in order to drive further engagement and excitement with their audience. Our client saw that people who participated in their loyalty program converted at 17%, double their current baseline.

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