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Forrester wave Annex Cloud Success story

We cross many significant points on our road to success. On the road to success we set goals, attain goals, set new goals.  We tap people to help us along the way. As we reach those goals we celebrate our successes together. At Annex Cloud, with the help and support of our clients and partners, we’ve recently hit one of these success milestones. We received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria in The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions, Q2 2021, including loyalty management, user experience, execution and innovation roadmap, company performance, and integration and partnerships. This makes us feel honored and proud.

If you haven’t been a part of one of these evaluations, let me share why this is important. Forrester is a trusted research and advisory company that customer-centric organizations tap to accelerate growth. Their research comes in the form of a series of reports. Their NowTech report covers a full technology category. Then, homing in on the top of the category, to understand the most significant providers, the Forrester Wave report is where these are evaluated.

The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions Q2 2021 evaluated the 14 most significant loyalty solutions providers against 28 criteria groups into three categories current offering, strategy, and market presence. The 2021 report is different than the previous set of Wave’s. The previous wave was actually broken into two waves – a technology wave and a hybrid (tech and services) wave. This report combines loyalty technology and services, where those with a full services suite (or hybrid solutions) carry more weight than those with limited services focused more on technology.

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Solution, Our Partners, Our Clients and Their Customers are One

Focused on being better together, Annex Cloud, our partners, and our clients are working together symbiotically for the greater good of our clients’ customers. As savvy, sophisticated organizations who understand the importance and the impact that customer retention and loyalty can make on an organization we’re focused on delivering a world-class solution that enables our clients to become beloved by their customers.

Over the last few years, we’ve exceeded a few goals:

  • Innovative roadmap plans. We’ve been able to significantly enhance our UX, our analytics and our partner integrations.  Our partner integrations surged over 100 this past year.  Our most recent being our relationship with Microsoft that launched earlier this year. 
  • Number of clients and partners.  Our community continues to grow.  Forrester noted “For each of the past three years, the company has seen over 40% revenue growth. Annex Cloud has one of the largest clients bases in this evaluation, with over 50% enterprise-sized accounts. Roughly half of its clients are based in North America and a third in EMEA. It specializes in the CPG, manufacturing, and retail verticals in addition to B2B loyalty – a growing market sector.” 
  • Going Global.  When we set the global goal, we were checking off continents.  Today we are checking off countries; 50 and counting. Fueled by wide adoption, we have experienced significant growth over a short period of time. With deployments in over 50 countries, enterprise brands leverage our technology, strategic expertise and expansive partner ecosystem to design and deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences at every digital touchpoint.

Annex Cloud, Technology Rules

We believe the Forrester Wave research optimizes our vision. A vision built on anticipating the future needs of our clients and their customers:   

  • The solution made to make loyalty management a breeze:
    • The Annex Cloud solution received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria, including: loyalty management, user experience, execution and innovation roadmap, integration and partnerships, areas we feel matter most to loyalty marketers.  
  • The solution that’s poised to meet and exceed client and customer expectations: Annex Cloud has staying power. We are a “solid” and extensible platform; positioned to meet rising client expectations and needs.  Uncompromised, future-proof loyalty management + customer retention technology poised for continued growth.
  • Extensibility: Specifically, the Forrester report states: “Annex Cloud strives to offer “fast and frictionless” loyalty technology that is modular, extensible, and scalable. Its tech-centric vision is supported by separate execution and innovation roadmaps, a large partnership network, and a portal where users can easily access pre-built integrations.”

Take it directly from our customers: 

“…all of the customer reference interviews we conducted cited Annex Cloud as a great partner, calling out its listening skills and advocacy. One client stated, “We feel like it has our best interest in mind as we work together.” Another said, “If I were to work for another company, I would want to work there. It seems to have a good working relationship with its internal teams.The Forrester Wave reported.

Annex Cloud, Most Extensible

With the strongest most extensible, partners supported, comprehensively integrated, customer experience enabled solution, both Annex Cloud and our clients see YOY growth. Our success directly reflects our clients’ success. We’re proud and humbled to be included in this Forrester evaluation, and for the support of our savvy customer-centric clients and partners.

To learn more about the Annex Cloud Loyalty Experience Solution, visit: to request a demo. We’re just getting started! We can’t wait to partner with you to drive your YOY success too. 

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