Forrester Now Tech: Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report Features Annex Cloud as Customer Loyalty Solutions Provider

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Annex Cloud, a leading customer loyalty solutions provider firm has been included in Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report

Annex Cloud, a leading customer loyalty solutions provider firm has been included in Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report. The report features Annex Cloud at the apex position in the midsize organizations category including firms with annual revenue between $25M to $75M.

With a wide range of loyalty marketing players available in the current industry, picking the right vendor that can perfectly meet precise business requirements becomes a daunting task. Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report segregates the loyalty marketing vendors in the current industry on the basis of two crucial parameters – market presence and functionality.

In terms of market presence, the report separates the loyalty marketing vendors into three categories based on their loyalty marketing revenue-

Established players (Revenue >$75 million)

Midsize players (Revenue $25 million – $75 million)

Smaller players (Revenue < $25 million)

It’s the second segment where Annex Cloud has emerged as the clear winner, acquiring the top spot. Forrester’s research report also furnishes following crucial data corresponding to Annex Cloud’s loyalty marketing business –


Geographical Presence By Revenue :  NA 57%; LATAM 7%; EMEA 31%; APAC 5%

Vertical Market Focus By Revenue : B2B; CPG and manufacturing; retail, e-commerce

Major Clients: Phillip Morris International, Toyota, Henry Schein

Furthermore, as per the Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report, Annex Cloud’s capabilities in loyalty marketing provide a robust technology platform to brands to enable them identify & track customers more effectively besides running successful loyalty programs. Integration, implementation, analytics and support were classified as the company’s supporting services as per the report.

What it Signifies for Annex Cloud as a Loyalty Solutions Provider?

Prior to being listed in Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report, Annex Cloud also sealed its spot in Gartner’s 2020 Market Guide for Loyalty Management as “Pure Play Loyalty Solution Vendor”.

Now, with Forrester Now Tech Loyalty Marketing, Q4 2020 Report listing Annex Cloud among the established loyalty marketing vendors, other vendors have a lot of ground to cover in order to reach the inspiring stature as acquired by Annex Cloud. So, what’s the reason for Annex Cloud’s phenomenal revenue generation in the loyalty marketing segment? It’s indeed the company’s domain expertise & technical capabilities that assist brands in their customer retention initiatives, thereby allowing Annex Cloud to acquire a major geographical market portion in this high-demand segment and translate the created opportunities into revenue.

As a reputed loyalty marketing vendor, Annex Cloud empowers B2C marketers to devise loyalty strategies and design & implement loyalty programs that reward customers in an endeavor to retain them. Annex Cloud helps B2C marketers formulate data-driven strategies by analyzing customer data, customer journey mapping and various other key factors.

Handling complex data systems and program management tends to be a complex task for companies in almost all industry verticals. Annex Cloud simplifies the hassle by providing the necessary technical tools and related assistance – be it integrating loyalty solutions with customer databases and customer service tools, or swiftly responding to the arising technical queries as required. Measuring the impact of loyalty marketing efforts via robust analytics for superior tracking of KPIs is another area where Annex Cloud helps brands considerably.

So, with Annex Cloud successfully assisting brands at multiple fronts when it comes to customer retention, it’s absolutely natural for the loyalty marketing vendor to gain the confidence of its clients. Consequently, with clients optimally assured of Annex Cloud’s loyalty platform capabilities, considerable revenue flows in automatically for the loyalty solutions provider.

Annex Cloud has even made significant investments in its loyalty solutions in an endeavor to enable its enterprise grade clients in B2B and B2C segments leverage considerable gains in revenue generation and customer retention. Developed by some of the most experienced technical experts in the current industry, Annex Cloud’s loyalty solutions empower brands to foster enhanced customer loyalty.

If you require any additional information about Annex Cloud’s loyalty solutions for B2B and B2C segments, connect to our experts now!


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