A Foolproof 24/7 Social Marketing Strategy

by Sean Ogino |

A Foolproof 24/7 Social Marketing Strategy


This is a story about Carrie and your Brand. Carrie is a poster child for the social media generation, always connected and plugged in. Your Brand is an established industry powerhouse looking for ways to reach this new generation.

Social media is 24/7, your social marketing strategy should be as well. Follow these guidelines for best times to post on each social network and how to get the most engagement from your fans.

5AM-9AM: The Early Birds
Carrie checks her social networks the minute she wakes up. Greet your fans with a bright and happy message to kick start their day. Show your fans that you care about their day to keep your brand top of mind.


For the most engagement, schedule your post on Facebook between 6am-8am.

9AM-6PM: Work
After a morning jog inspired by your motivational Facebook post, Carrie heads off to her 9-5 job. Keep your posts safe for work as most of your fans may be checking their networks at work.

This also makes Google Plus the most popular network during this time, as many are checking their emails and engaging with this network from 9-11am.

Don’t be afraid to share your news again on Facebook, after engagement picks up around 2-5pm.

6PM – 11PM: After Work
After work, as Carrie unwinds from a stressful day, she’ll start browsing on Pinterest, which has the most engagement from 8-11pm.


Instagram videos also received 2x the engagement when uploaded during these times.

11PM – 5AM: Insomniacs
Keep your social marketing going in through the night for your fans who just can’t sleep. Schedule a few posts here with links to interesting articles and re-share posts from the day for your fans who missed it.

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The Weekend
Stay involved with your fans throughout the weekend, not just during the week. Being constantly plugged in, the weekend gives Carrie even more time to check her social networks. Keep these posts fun and relevant to your fans’ lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to launch a contest or new collection on the weekend. This is the time your fans are the most connected.

Especially keep your Twitter feed active from 1-3pm when it has the highest engagement.

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