Facebook Timeline, how it works and its potential impact on Business?

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Facebook Timeline, how it works and its potential impact on Business?

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is evolving and introducing new features every passing day. The latest buzz is created by the newly launched Facebook timeline with unique changes and updates. The new timeline gives in the user a wide open space for an image; the first thing people see when they visit the profile. No worries about picture cropping and even old photos can be uploaded and placed according to the users wish. Addition of Geo locations, music and advanced apps is makes it even more popular and it is turning out to be the next big thing.

The new timeline tells a tale. This new evolution gives users the freedom to share their photos, status updates, events and many more stuff according to their convenience. The homepage is more organized and user-friendly and is keeping the users hooked to the site even more which accounts as win-win situation for the advertisers. This is just the beginning of what Facebook is planning to launch in the time to come.

Initially this might not seem to be a huge thing for your business but in the long run it’s definitely going to change perceptions. If we closely study and try to understand why and what changes and features are added to Facebook we spot a clearer picture of the assistance it might provide for business development in the near future at a broader sense.

The changes and how they can serve as a business development advantage:

• Facebook allows sharing memorable times, events, posts in the form of a story. Now it’s just one more reason for people to visit their page and other person’s profile and this is what Facebook wants. More information and more users bring in more opportunity for advertisements.

• Now-a-days information is freely provided on Facebook and now as users can define their life in a more organized manner. This helps in keeping a track on your leads likes and dislikes quite easily and also helps in roping in new customers. Facebook helps the media to bring in more relevant stuff to the users.

• Apart from advertising, other thing which business needs is apps. Timeline allows users to create social apps which allow users to express themselves through the things they do and like. Apps are the future of user and brand interaction in a more active sense. It’s important to think of ways to create apps in your business which if get’s interesting and popular goes directly to the users’ news-feed and timeline. This keeps in the user updated about your brand irrespective of the fact that they are offline or online. This definitely is an advantage for business growth, as it serves as a link between users’ views about the brand.

Facebook is evolving but it’s not just to make user’s experience easier or increasing the social network globally but the present development also indicates Facebooks’ plan to bring in new opportunities of business expansion.

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