Facebook Timeline: How It Can Help Your Brand ?

by Annex Cloud |

Social Networking website Facebook has made a lot changes recently to their site as seen at the F8 conference. With all these updates and changes coming in there was a lot of buzz going around in various blogs and press outlets as to how these changes will affect the end user and what they can expect from these changes. The truth of the matter is in today’s market, with every organization trying to be at the top, everyone has to make a change if they need to survive and that’s what exactly Facebook has done. So what exactly do these changes mean for you as brand ? Is the big question. Well the one feature among all the updates that Facebook has made that can really help brands is the Timeline feature.

Facebook Timeline

The Timeline feature in simple words is nothing more than a digital scrapbook describing a users journey from start still now and if you have not believed in the phrase “A picture is worth thousand words” then this is the time or rather I should say this is the feature that will start making you believe in the phrase. The timeline feature tells a story, it gives users the option to show as little or as much as they want of their lives in an elegant vertical timeline of photos, events, status updates and more.  As a brand before you start exploiting this feature completely to your advantage it’s important to understand some of the core elements of the Timeline feature and how it can help you.

The “Cover” of the Timeline feature allows brands to display a huge image approximately 890 by 318 pixels at the top of the profile, which can be used for any promotional launch or for advertising a product. This is different than the conventional Facebook brand page which did not give you some much scope, brands used landing pages to attract customers. The new Timeline feature gives scope for large amount of creativity, raising awareness and branding.

As a brand you could decide which moments you want to share with you audience and which you want to hide from them. This is possible with the “Star or Remove” feature of the Facebook AdvertisingTimeline, the focus over here is sharing content. This will allow you as a brand to tell your fans a authentic story with the help of images. As a brand you build a emotional connect with your fans by sharing behind the scenes photos, exclusive news and videos.

The basic reason why Facebook made the changes is because it wants the end user to spend more and more time on Facebook. The more time a person spends on Facebook with his friends or family you will find more info being shared and this will appear in the Timeline. The aim over here is to find out what the user likes and what he consumes after spending time on Facebook. As a brand this is major plus point for you with such huge data available it will be easy to target ads gathering all the info, you can work on content which will target a particular location or a particular type of people. This where small business can benefit, you don’t have to rely on blogs or some cheap application to get people to like your page. Timelines can be used as blogs to provide the fans with frequent updates in a well timed manner.

As a brand there are two things that you will have to focus on if you want to use the Timeline feature to your brands advantage :

  • Apps :  If you are in the big league then your business needs to create apps. These apps can focus on off Facebook actions and have Facebook updates running on it. These updates, if interesting enough, will go both to the newsfeed and to the user timeline.
  • Ads : Design ads targeting specific group of data, the focus here would be on a stronger content and making use of keyword and profile based information.

 Lastly the Timeline feature is a key opportunity to utilize their creativity in order to further drive traffic and grow their customer base. There may be people who are apprehensive about the new changes but then not exploring these features at the startup can leave you with a bigger disadvantage in the longer run.

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