Facebook Store: Why your Brand Needs One

by Sean Ogino |

Facebook Store: Why your Brand Needs One

In this day and age marketing your product has become more competitive with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter revolutionizing the way people communicate over the web. As a brand, promoting your product over any social network requires a lot of thinking. Facebook currently leads the race for the top social networking site, so having your presence on Facebook is something that all brands now do. However, we have seen that Facebook is also a commerce tool for brands and customers. The world’s biggest brands are selling on Facebook. The top 3 brands on Facebook Coca Cola, Starbucks, and Disney all sell directly on Facebook.

Recently cosmetic manufacturer and e-retailer Nyx Cosmetics in December opened a Facebook store where Facebook users in the U.S. can buy its products without ever leaving the social network. The company says the Facebook store is one part of its strategy to offer consumers the opportunity to shop in every emerging online sales channel without redirecting them to NyxCosmetics.com. “We want consumers to have a unique and complete shopping experience, whether that be on Facebook, mobile, or iPad,” says Toni Shin, vice president of marketing for Nyx Los Angeles Inc., which distributes and sells Nyx Cosmetics to consumers in the U.S. primarily through bricks-and-mortar retailers. “We want those experiences to move fluidly, without disruptions and where they feel secure” he adds. 

It can be expected that more and more brands would be inclined to bring their stores to Facebook. It gives the customer a chance to shop while being on Facebook and as a brand you are exposed to the network of connections of the person who made the purchase. Apart from that there are few more advantages that a Facebook store gives a brand:

  • The number of people on Facebook is more than any other social network so the scope of marketing your product is much higher.
  • Facebook is all about the relationships a customer makes shopping on Facebook. He/she is bound to feel more loyal to brand he/she interacts with and the level of interaction and thus loyalty increases with more time being spent there.
  • Facebook store provides the chance for a brand to identify its top influencers and gives the customers a chance to stay current on the various offers that the brand is offering.

The advantages of employing a Facebook store application is beneficial to all brands be them a big or a small. So go ahead and make use of this opportunity right away.



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