Facebook Lead Ads is a New Feature in Social Bridge Powered by Annex Cloud

by Grace Miller |

Facebook Lead Ads is a New Feature in Social Bridge Powered by Annex Cloud

As any marketer knows, the marketing dollars have to make sense. It’s imperative that you’re spending the money you’ve been allocated in a way that brings you the greatest Return on Investment (ROI). Facebook lead ads could be the best friend you’ve been missing.

Facebook lead ads, if done properly, can feel less intrusive and more inviting to the user. With users becoming more savvy every single day, it is imperative, as marketers we do our part to ensure the user feels understood and feel more intuitive as users don’t have to leave their app or the desktop to get the information they want and need.

What makes a Facebook Lead Ad different from other types of ads? Why do you even need to try these types of ads out?

Facebook allows you to collect critical information to follow up with potential qualified leads from the platform itself. The Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) can simply fill out their name, email, phone number, etc. (whatever information you want but we say go with the less is more approach) right inside the platform. They never have to leave Facebook or Instagram. The less steps involved, the better. If you can make it easy for the user, you’re more likely to get someone to fill out the form.

Even better, most smart phones and computers now store the user’s information. With one click or fingerprint, they can upload whatever information you require. It’s an incredibly simple process for them which can drive the Cost Per Lead (CPL) way down.

The major benefit is being able to acquire more information about your MQL. You’ll be able to determine which platform converts higher and can truly increase personalization.

We know why they work and why you should use them, so what do they look like? Glad you asked. There are a few key ways that work really well on lead ads. Here are some of our favorites.

Growing your email list

Truly, the money is in your email list. Besides your website, it’s the only platform you own. Remember Vine? One day a bunch of Vine stars woke up and the platform was gone. All of their hard work down the drain and no email list built up so they had no way to get in touch with all those fans. Don’t be a Vine star. Use Facebook Lead Ads to grow your email list by offering something your audience wants like a discount code, a white paper, e-book, etc.

Provide an introductory offer to your audience they can utilize and benefit from immediately and you’ll see a growing email list.

Event Registrations

While there probably aren’t a lot of in-person events happening right now, you could be hosting something really cool digitally or in-person in the future. Why not encourage event sign-ups right on Facebook? Audience Unifier, another great feature with Social Bridge powered by Annex Cloud, you can easily leverage the insight captured with your audience and host a webinar or some type of virtual event in an effort to generate new leads? People are at home thirsting for knowledge and are probably looking beyond Netflix right now so give them something to learn. Showing up as a leader in any type of event is always something we encourage and Facebook Lead Ads can be an excellent source of event attendees.


Everyone wants to launch a product and have it be a massive success but we both know that it requires quite a bit of work in advance. Generating buzz and getting people excited about a new product or service your business is offering is a great use of Facebook Lead Ads. You can give the audience a teaser and invite them to sign up for a waiting list or to hear the latest developments.

This can also work as a proof of concept. If you are unsure about selling a course, product, etc. this can be a great way to test the waters and see if this is something people even want. If there’s no waiting list, you can probably scrap that idea, for now.

With billions of Facebook accounts active each month on Facebook, you are bound to find your ideal client lurking around. Give them some value so they aren’t looking at cat photos all day and they can feel better about their time spent on social media. There is no one size fits all strategy so test and retest to find what works best for your audience.

Now is the time to take your marketing strategy next level and we’re ready to help. Learn more about Social Bridge by Annex Cloud features which includes an easy to use Facebook Lead Ad integration and schedule a call with an Annex Cloud loyalty solution specialist.

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