EU Data Privacy Regulation and the Impact on U.S. Companies [Whitepaper]

by Sean Ogino | Other

In January 2012, the European Union Commission presented a lengthy Data Privacy Regulation to reform the 28 previously passed privacy laws under the 1995 EU Directive. In an attempt to give privacy rights back to EU citizens and raise levels of accountability, the EU stands to bring abrupt reform to current practices of data collection affecting outside countries conducting business with citizens in the European Union.  europeanjust

While the current Regulation limits jurisdiction within the borders of the EU, the proposed legislation will stand to affect all companies that intend to acquire data from citizens of the EU. Please enjoy the EU Data Privacy Regulation and the Impact on U.S. Companies Whitepaper. In it, you’ll find:

  • How the new EU Privacy Regulation will affect your company.
  • Changes in the Privacy Regulation, including requirement for consent.
  • NSA and Edward Snowden Backlash in Europe.
  • 3 steps your company needs to take to prepare for change.
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