Engage More Shoppers with In-Mail and Offline Reviews

by Grace Miller |

Engage More Shoppers with In-Mail and Offline Reviews

We all know that user generated content (UGC) like ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and visual commerce boosts conversion by offering trustworthy points of view from your own customers on various social sharing platforms. Consumers trust UGC 12x more than they trust information from businesses, and visitors who interact with UGC are 105% more likely to buy. Given its importance, how can you make submissions as easy as possible, and make sure that you’re asking as many customers as possible to contribute? There are numerous review platforms but solutions like in-mail and offline reviews stand out and can help immensely.

What are In-Mail Reviews?

In-mail reviews refer to the practice of embedding review forms within emails, so shoppers don’t have to visit a separate page in order to write a review. With traditional online product reviews, users will receive a solicitation email with a link to the product display page of the item in question. Shoppers have to click the link, log in, and then submit a review. Many of them don’t have the patience to do this! In-mail reviews consolidate the review process into one step, drastically improving review submission rates. Check out our example below from Kal Tire, Canada’s largest independent tire dealer. kal tire review in email offline reviews Not content to just improve review volume and quality this way, Kal Tire used our in-mail reviews to solicit contributions from in-store customers. This brings us to the world of offline reviews!

How Do Offline Reviews Work?

Offline reviews invite your brick-and-mortar customers to share their opinions. It’s a win-win, since many of the industries that find review content to be extremely important also have a high percentage of in-store purchases. When you have even minimal data–just names, email addresses, and purchases–on your in-store customers, you can make offline reviews a reality. For Kal Tire, we’re taking data from 250 different stores, feeding it into our Ratings and Reviews platform, and then sending out in-mail reviews. Shoppers have been happy to contribute, and this high-quality content is already paying off!

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