Driving Conversions with Shares

by Sean Ogino |

Likes and follows are great, but they don’t always translate directly to sales. Likes and follows build authenticity and fandom, but in order to increase conversions and drive quality traffic, businesses must focus on shares. According to Nielsen, 84% of consumers worldwide trust word of mouth recommendations from their friends and family. Shares are the online version of word of mouth. They are trusted and more often than not, they drive quality traffic onsite that converts. Shoppers tend to share contests and promotions with like-minded friends who would be more likely to be interested in your products, especially if their friends already approve. Annex Cloud clients have seen that traffic from contests convert at 3x a higher rate.

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Drive more shares with viral contests
The Annex Cloud social contest suite enables you to run multiple contests on multiple social platforms from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram. Start with like-gating contests in order to drive numbers up for likes and followers on each social network. The key to driving more shares is offering incentives for your shoppers to share contests with their friends after they have entered themselves. We’ve seen that offering additional entries for sharing with friends ups the number of entries and drives new traffic onsite as well. On average, Annex Cloud clients see that 70% of participants are new site visitors and provide new email addresses.

Incentivize Sharing
In addition to like-gating contests, try running a Share and Save or Win contest. These simply ask shoppers to share in order to save an amount off their purchase or enter for a chance to win. In order to drive new traffic onsite, those who share only receive the save code if their friend clicks back to the site. Annex Cloud clients have seen that sharers have a 3-7x higher conversion rate. Make sharing easy by pre-populating their friend lists within the widget and featuring their preferred social networks for ease of use.

Incentivize Sharing

Shares help promote your business, increasing social reach and driving traffic onsite. Return the favor by giving worthwhile perks for your loyal customers who do share and ultimately they will be more likely to convert and drive quality traffic as well.


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