Utilizing Social Media for Sales

von Sean Ogino |

Utilizing Social Media for Sales

Recently, more and more businesses are making the switch from traditional marketing to social media. One important aspect of this new social media trend that is occurring is called social CRM which is the way businesses and consumers interact during a purchasing decision. In traditional marketing, it was hard to engage and get to know your customers individually. About 89% of businesses that were surveyed said that they use social media to keep engaged with current and potential consumers.

Messaging through social media is about having a presence and a lot of time and patience is needed to invest to have one. Many businesses don’t calculate their social ROI because they find it difficult and want just revenue not that organic presence consumers feel comfortable with.  Many businesses create different types of means like infographics to attract new and existing customers which look at an insight on promoting an event, trends, or stats. An active presence on social media networks can go a long way in encouraging a potential and loyal consumer of sharing a product on ones ecommerce’s site. In building a type of relationship with consumers it develops an active, genuine communication that the consumer can trust.

When using social media, businesses need to find their key influences and build relationships with them. Social media was created to build relationships with other people and this is perfect for any business that wants to get an insight what their potential or loyal customer is. Having this kind of data is essential, it helps businesses and brands identify key influencers and essentially reward them, and see what kind of relevance what other key influencers have with each other.

Having these two key implementations in your social media platforms can help your business potentially evolve into something much bigger.

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