The Most Intelligent Ways to Use Your Advocate Marketing Data

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The Most Intelligent Ways to Use Your Advocate Marketing Data

In an earlier post, we explained that the data you collect from your loyalty program maximizes the marketing of your referral program. Simply because you know everything about loyal customers- including their likes, demographics, and Facebook friends, if you request that information from them. In this context, advocate marketing data is no different, as here you also will be gathering huge chunks of information about and from your brand advocates.

Understand Why Your Advocates Love You

Advocates exist on a spectrum, and the most vocal are no less than brand evangelists. These customers are totally and completely in love with your brand. There must be something in the overall ecosystem of your brand that has appealed to them. It can be your product, your customer service, or your association with some noble cause. It can be anything. Try to know this in detail. It will automatically give you a fair understanding of which facet of yours is more appealing to the majority of people. Analyze it critically to decide whether can it become your USP or not. If yes, you can set the tone of your branding and marketing communication around it. In short, it will allow you to put your best foot forward…and believe me, many companies have exhausted before giving their best shot, as they didn’t know which part of their organization was the strongest!

Track The Social Media Influence Of Your Advocates

I have said this countless times and I will say it once again: Any business activity that is intended to reach out to people or influence them has to be rooted in social media. The reason is not just its immense reach. What makes social media ultra-powerful is its ability to make your content viral within a blink of an eye. Thus, your advocates have to be on social media platforms to make a difference.

You must check which platform is giving you more traction, which content format has become much more viral, what sort of communication is resonating with people, and how many conversions actually resulted due to social media. Clearly, the advocate marketing data which you will get through this activity can help you in effectively shaping up your digital and social media marketing plan.

For example, if your analysis finds that videos or images posted by your advocates are garnering more engagement and responses, you can focus more on visual content. Or if Facebook is giving you more conversion, you can double your marketing efforts via putting more ads on Facebook. Certain advocate marketing solutions have built-in features that will help you discover where your advocates’ social media sweet spot is.

  • If you’re using a number of different social networks with your Social Login solution, you can see which ones are the most popular, and whether or not that changes on desktop vs. mobile. Get more insights about Social Login in our best practices white paper, “Unlocking Social Login.”
  • If you’re using Visual Commerce, you can use a ranking algorithm like SIRA to determine which types of photos get the most likes on your site or on Instagram, which posters have the most followers, which photos drive the most revenue, and more. Your advocate marketing data will then not only help you pinpoint who you should encourage to share more, but will also arrange your photos for you!
  • Sharing and Referrals solutions give you advocate marketing data that lets you easily see which methods of communication are most popular among your advocates, whether it’s email, various social platforms, or something else. Check out all of our Sharing and Referrals best practices in “The Step by Step Guide for a Powerful Referral Program!”
  • Trackable Buttons, which are usually coupled with Loyalty in order to incentivize sharing, track sharing via any channel you’d like, whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anything else. Then it’s easy to use this advocate marketing data to see which networks your shoppers are choosing.
social login distribution graph
This chart is just one example of the advocate marketing data you can get from your solutions. Here, the Annex Cloud Customer Success Team has gathered Social Login statistics from all of our clients to determine that a majority of their shoppers choose Facebook when logging in, which is followed in popularity by Google.

Turn Your Advocates Into Influencers

With each passing day, the role of influencers is becoming increasingly vital. Influencers have a sizable following on social media and people consider them to be experts in their respective industries. Unlike celebrities, they exude authenticity. It’s easy to pinpoint your biggest advocates and reward them for sharing, whether it’s with extra loyalty points, surprise and delight tactics, or extra love on social media.

Give it a thought. Your advocate loves your brand. He naturally understands your products well and thus can give rational arguments in their defense in the moment of crisis. So, he is fulfilling the logical precondition that is necessary to become your influencer. Now, the only thing that you have to check is how many people on social media really value his opinion. And that’s the professional precondition to be your influencer. If you see that he is bringing a lot of conversions, you can ask him to become an influencer.

Select the Right Communication Channel

There are plenty of ways through which your advocate marketing program communicates with your customers- email, social media, and push notifications are the most prominent ones. Your advocacy program can become a litmus test to know which way is giving you the best results. If you learn from your advocate marketing data that mobile messages are best for getting customers excited enough to purchase as per your advocate’s recommendation, they’re probably the right medium for other kinds of lifecycle marketing.

Of course, in the world which is characterized by omni and multi-channel communication, you must communicate with your customers through all possible touch points. But this analysis will give you numerical proof about the usability of a particular method and thus more reason to focus on it.

Zum Schluss... Advocate marketing data, whether it’s numerical or non-numerical, is enormously valuable in deciding whether you’re going in the right direction or not. It has a direct influence on the future success of the company. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you should gather it in whatever ways you can and implemented them whenever the opportunity arrives. Be it a referral program, Loyalität or advocacy program, or rating and review platform, make sure that while executing these tactics you are taking notes of the granular data packages. Companies spend extra to get market insights. So, why not do it while executing your programs at no extra charge?

Note: Curious about merging advocate marketing tactics with Kundentreue? Our guide, “Advocate Loyalty: A Four-Point Strategy,” will tell you everything you need to know! 

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