The Indispensable Beginner’s Guide to Visual Commerce

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The Indispensable Beginner’s Guide to Visual Commerce

63% of US customers and 66% of UK shoppers trust customer photos more than brand or retailer photos. These two stats tell the whole story about the level of absolute necessity that visual content has reached. Of course, the miraculous rise of social media and many other photo sharing platforms has been the epicenter of this trend. For marketers, what is necessary is to know the unbridled power of this visual content and the ways to use it for their marketing benefits.

Despite the overwhelming arch of visual content, only 27% of marketers have a process in place to aggregate, organize, and manage the visual assets being used across their marketing teams. With that in mind, there’s a need to educate marketers on how to better leverage visuals for commerce. That’s why we have this beginner’s guide to visual commerce.

How Does it Actually Work?

Visual commerce operates via five main steps, which are as follows:

Motivate Your Customers to Share

As mobile has become an indispensable part of modern life, your customers are taking photos all the time. It doesn’t have to be a big occasion now for a photo session. There is no point in missing out on such a great opportunity to collect and curate those loads and loads of images for your branding or campaigning purpose. You should consider placing calls to action in post-purchase emails, as well as promotional emails, on-site banners, social media posts, and more.

visual commerce pps solicitation

vc promotional emails

vc solicitation onsite

To eliminate even the slightest possibility that customers might not share photos due to platform incompatibility, with our platform your customers can share their photos by uploading them to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and YouTube and using a brand-specific hashtag. They can share images through email too.

Moderating, Curating And Obtaining Permissions

Once the images have been uploaded, through our Annex Cloud curation dashboard you can see all those images in one place. You can moderate and curate the ones to use them in the campaign.

vc rights management

For a run-down of everything you need to know about visual commerce permissions, check out this guide!

vc moderation

Easy Image Association

The platform associates all user photos with multiple product categories and special or seasonal categories, whatever you want!

Adorn Your Website With The Curated Photos

As all the images are curated and associated, you can now use those into collections for your site’s home page, individual product pages, dedicated gallery pages, image sliders, and anywhere else you’d like. The following images are just a few examples from our clients:

vc display

vc mixed editorial

vc category pages display

Use Your Photos Elsewhere

This is the final step of the solution. Now you have all the rights and permissions to use those curated and associated images. You can use them in marketing campaigns such as email, print, in-store display, online, and offline advertising. We will always be there to help you in your marketing strategies. Click here to discover new ways to repurpose user generated content like these valuable customer photos.

Making Sure Your Images Are Performing Well

How would you know that which images are performing better? We have answered this important question by including Smart Image Ranking Algorithm (SIRA) in our solution.

vc sira

It allows you to intelligently organize and prioritize a large image library to ensure that the images you are displaying on your website are driving the results you want. It uses metrics like comments, likes, revenue, and other social and financial metrics to judge the performance of the image.

Powerful Monitoring

Managing a program is a mere impossibility if there is nothing concrete to analyze in terms of the numbers. Our comprehensive reporting and unified dashboards give you a complete view of the performance of your Visual Commerce solution. We put you in a perfect position to quantify two of the most important metrics, namely Return On Investment (ROI) and engagement.

ROI Metrics

You can measure the value of Visueller Handel with conversions, order numbers, and lift in revenue. It allows you to have a close view of the customer conversion from visual galleries through product pages.

Engagement Metrics

No campaign can breathe longer if it lacks the customer engagement. That’s precisely why our VC solution is laced with the metrics such as upload source, number of photos submitted over time, influencer reports, and reach data to gauge the level of engagement. You can use these numbers to come up with the better initiatives to skyrocket the customer engagement platform. monetizes your Instagram in a single click! You just place a link in your Instagram bio, associate your Instagram pictures with your products in your dashboard, and that’s it! They’re instantly up on a shoppable mobile gallery.

vc shoppic 1

vc shoppic 2

Other Benefits Of Our Products

  • Manage flexible product association fields that allow images to be linked to multiple products
  • Use syndication to collect or distribute images from brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and partners
  • Collect images using specialized #hashtags or enable your customers to upload images from any device
  • Take advantage of unlimited photo storage
  • Extend your Visueller Handel technology to your international pages with internalization and localization
  • Employ advanced customization through access to our Visual Commerce API
  • Expand the use of Visual Commerce assets to other channels (in-store, social, mobile, app and email) with seamless omni-channel integration
  • Integrate Visual Commerce effortlessly into your marketing eco-system

To learn more about Visual Commerce, check out our content best practices white paper, A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words! Or, have a look at The New Wave of User Generated Content: 7 Concepts for 2017 and BeyondThe Fundamental Guide to Visual Commerce Permissions, or Sell Experiences, Not Clothes: Visual Commerce & the Fashion Industry.

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