Let’s Talk Loyalty: Chief Strategist Al Lalani Discusses Customer Acquisition

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Let’s Talk Loyalty: Chief Strategist Al Lalani Discusses Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

We are excited to present to you a new video series called “Let’s Talk” where industry experts speak on current trends in retail and ecommerce. Topics range from customer acquisition to ROI of Kundenbindungsprogramme. The idea behind this series is to educate the industry on best practices for serving its customers.

Our first episode is called “Let’s Talk Loyalty,” where Annex Cloud’s Chief Strategist Al Lalani answers the questions that a lot of us in retail are asking. Why is consumer acquisition so expensive? How can we reduce that acquisition cost? How do we segment our audience and what does that do for us?

“We are constantly fighting that battle of acquiring the same customer over and over again,” said Lalani. “It would be great to not have to battle and instead build a true relationship with the customer through retention.”

Here at Annex Cloud, we are constantly bombarded with questions from retailers on how to bridge the gap between the customer and the brand. We want to use this as a platform for retailers all over to get those important questions answered. Ever wonder how to better serve your customers? Kontakt or set up a consultation and we’ll be sure to help you!

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