4 Tips to Pimp Up your Pinterest Strategy

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4 Tips to Pimp Up your Pinterest Strategy


Pinterest has really upped their game this year, introducing new ways for businesses to take advantage of this visual network. Preliminary data shows that it is driving 78% more revenue in 2014 compared to the previous year. And not slowing down with news to introduce paid advertising next quarter, similar to promoted pins. Pinterest is … Weiterlesen

Quality Content, Free of Charge: 3 Steps to Implement User Generated Content

Creating quality content became businesses’ number 1 priority in 2013. Social is no longer about quantity, but quality. As consumers become more aware of ‘click farms’ and ‘like bots’, businesses must increase engagement, not just reach. Generating content is one way to see user engagement increase, but it can become time consuming and expensive. In … Weiterlesen

Adobe® Social – Social Media no Longer an Experiment but a Marketing Must-Have

Social Media

With businesses now transitioning from early adopters to early majority, a lot of emphasis is now being placed on gaining valuable business insight into marketing efforts and their conversion ratios. The Marketing VP’s have been handed huge kitties of money to spend on efforts to drive traffic and increase conversions. A sizable portion of this budget … Weiterlesen

Apple, Inc. adoption of Social Media – To do or NOT to do.

Gone are the days when a company or individual identified its reputation based on the fan mails and e-mails they received. Welcome to the era of digital marketing and social engagement where an individual or company boasts its popularity by listing its thousands of likes or hundreds of followers. Facebook and Twitter are now fully … Weiterlesen

Boost Traffic Through Social Media

Social Media is no longer an alternative but a great choice to business owners. With social media you can enhance both your online and offline business presence without spending too much money on buying other alternatives for advertising. One important thing to remember is the rank of social network can very well determine how well … Weiterlesen

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