3 steps to increase conversions with Social Data

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3 steps to increase conversions with Social Data

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Every social tool boasts the ability to collect social data. Everyone has heard that social data can illuminate group intentions, social behaviors, and commonalities which has practical implications for high level strategy and audience insights. Social data has the ability to assign shoppers context beyond what can be gathered from even the most invasive registration … Weiterlesen

Quality Content, Free of Charge: 3 Steps to Implement User Generated Content

Creating quality content became businesses’ number 1 priority in 2013. Social is no longer about quantity, but quality. As consumers become more aware of ‘click farms’ and ‘like bots’, businesses must increase engagement, not just reach. Generating content is one way to see user engagement increase, but it can become time consuming and expensive. In … Weiterlesen

Top 10 Reasons We’re Thankful for Social Media

1. Memes. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They get us through the week. They tell it like it is. But mostly they make us laugh. As a retailer, can you use memes in your social? Yes. Don’t be afraid to poke fun, everybody loves a good laugh. And sometimes, it even helps … Weiterlesen

Droolworthy Social Strategies

Solid social marketing strategies separate the extraordinary from the ordinary in the world of e-commerce.  Recent studies have found that 27% of total time online is spent on social networking sites. On top of that, 46% of online users rely on social media when making a purchase decision. Due to the fact that brand success … Weiterlesen

Social Commerce – Who, What, and Why

Who- Numerous companies are currently stuck in this internal debate on whether or not to implement a social layer to their ecommerce site. Will this disrupt and throw off the feel of our page? Will this ruin the branding that we have worked so hard to establish? How will our customers react? These are all … Weiterlesen

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