The Theory Behind Customer Incentive Programs

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The Theory Behind Customer Incentive Programs

Incentive Loyalty Program Internet Marketing Business Concept.

What if I offer you an incentive for reading this blog post? Chances are, you would read it to the T, paying attention to every word and sentence. Wouldn’t you? The incentive theory of motivation (a behavioral theory) suggests that people are motivated by a drive for incentives and reinforcement. And this has worked exceptionally … Weiterlesen

The Art of Referral Sales

A quick question: What is the main objective and function of your digital marketing team? You might say activities like designing a communication strategy, content generation, optimization, and such other things. However, the core purpose of all these activities is always one – lead generation. The pursuit of attracting prospects and turning them into potential … Weiterlesen

The Most Remarkable Referral Incentive Ideas in 2021


Perks and pay-offs are a great way to motivate loyal customers into sending more referrals, be it a free month of subscription, discounts, or gifting any item of value and importance. Referral incentives are a proven way to give customers a reason to share brand love and refer more people in their inner circle. A … Weiterlesen

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