Redefining Your Brand Image through Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

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Redefining Your Brand Image through Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

According to Omnichannel Marketing Automation Statistics by ClickZ “Omnichannel campaigns saw an 18.96% engagement rate, while single-channel saw just a 5.4% engagement rate.” The report also states that omnichannel campaigns produce a 250% higher rate of purchase frequency than most single-channel campaigns and offer 90% higher customer retention rate than the latter as well.” The … Weiterlesen

Omnichannel Approach – The Future of eCommerce

omnichannel ecommerce

Just when you thought having a strong online presence and digital marketing capabilities was enough to gain a competitive edge, cult-favorite brands began adopting the omnichannel approach. With unimaginable technological capabilities at hand, intuitive brands and game-changers began speculating, ‘How can we use these advancements to amp up customer experience?’ Omnichannel eCommerce is the result … Weiterlesen

Omnichannel Customer Experience – Vantage Point for Holistic Engagement

omnichannel customer experience

Two decades ago, it was much easier to communicate and connect with your audience. The mediums were limited, so the message was seldom lost. Twenty years later, the audience, the competition, and communication channels have been multiplied. It has become increasingly difficult to deliver relevant information to your target audience, plus a higher probability of … Weiterlesen

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