Instagram Live Streaming May Debut Soon

instagram live streaming

That time is not far away that all social media platforms will look almost identical, if not similar. Snapchat created a ripple by coming up with its one-of-its-kind Stories. Instagram was quick enough to replicate that feature. After the resounding success of live video–first debuted by smaller platforms by scooped up by Twitter and Facebook, everyone is realizing the real power of it.  And now, Instagram live streaming may be just around the corner.

There has been no official announcement from Kevin Systrom and the gang about Instagram live streaming. But as per one Russian news site, which has images and video of the feature running on a Nexus 6P, a new “live” section in Stories will feature “popular live broadcasts”. The feature looks something like this…

instagram live streaming

As you can see, there is a big red button at the bottom with the label “Go Insta!” This is the button that lets you start your Instagram live streaming. There is also a “Schedule” button in the top right corner, which is similar to that of Facebook’s recent scheduling option for video streaming. If you are going live from Instagram, your followers will be able to see your profile along with the stories.

Instagram Stories recently made their way to the “Explore” tab, and you can see that the live Story has a banner reading “Live” overtop its icon. After clicking on that button, you would be directed to a page called popular live broadcasts. But as it’s not yet functional, it wouldn’t load.

instagram live streaming 2

Though Instagram has received severe criticism for deliberately ripping off Snapchat’s stories idea, it did help it in stepping up its game.  And thus it’s outrightly sensible that their team chose Stories as its platform to launch the Instagram live streaming functionality. The Instagram Stories feature has all the technical framework ready to host the live broadcasting. Similarly, people are already hooked to this feature with more than 100 million daily users. Thus, there is a little to worry about the probability of reach and engagement. In fact, it will help Instagram in further boosting engagement.

There is no doubt that Instagram live streaming makes perfect sense for their road map. But as I have said, it is still in a testing phase. If the early beta testers don’t like it, the company might drop the whole plan altogether. The rumors also say that if everything goes well, Instagram may integrate it with VR (Virtual Reality). But it is not confirmed yet, and these are just speculations. We will have to wait for some sort of official announcement from Instagram. And considering that it will definitely add up in the already competitive market of social media, the wait is worth!

Zum Schluss...

I have always believed that social media is increasingly becoming a visual place with a dominance of videos. The development of Instagram live streaming just further confirms my belief. But there is a ringing message for marketers all across the globe and that message is: If you aren’t thinking in terms of videos to present or communicate your products or service on social media, you are at the opposite end of the future!

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