Driving Loyalty Through Personalized Solutions

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Driving Loyalty Through Personalized Solutions

Anne receives emails from two bookstores she purchased from months ago. Bookstore A sends her emails about general offers and discounts they are running, while Bookstore B sends her recommendations based on her purchases, new launches in genres she might be interested in, personalized communication and special discounts on her preferred books and stationery. Which … Weiterlesen

Analyzing Customer Experience and Tips to Improve It

customer experience is

Have you ever changed your broadband or telecom service provider because of the lousy services they offered? or Have you avoided a spa or restaurant that was poorly managed and had unprofessional staff? The answer to both these questions is most likely – Yes! According to Microsoft, “90% of Americans use customer service as a … Weiterlesen

Retaining Your Most Valuable Customers – Trends to Look For in 2022

Retaining your most valuable customers with trends to look for in 2020

If brands want to gain customer loyalty, then they must have a laser focus on retaining their most valuable customers.  So, what is customer retention? It’s your ability to keep your customers engaged by offering them great products and great service with high perceived value across every touchpoint in the customer journey.  Loyal customers mean … Weiterlesen

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