Do You Value a Customer’s Online Experience?

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Do You Value a Customer’s Online Experience?

In the past, consumers would head to stores looking for products to buy, fighting to find parking spots and waiting in long checkout lines. Nowadays, the trend is shifting, as more and more consumers are choosing to do their shopping online. In fact, E-commerce sales are increasing by 19% every year around the world. Shopping … Weiterlesen

Social Consumer Comparison [Infographic]

When implementing a new social strategy, it is essential to find out exactly where your customers are spending their time on social networks and who is likely to spend the most money. This Social Consumer Comparison infographic not only breaks down average conversion rates, order sizes, and referral traffic revenue, but it effectively highlights companies … Weiterlesen

Top 3 Rules for Online Retailers to Live by in the Social Era

The Social Era is now fully upon us. Online shoppers are now seeking…no, they are now demanding more informative, engaging and personalized experiences online. Here are some rules that online retailers should live by in order to create value for their customers and ultimately for their business. Create connections. Find ways or implement on-site tools that … Weiterlesen

How Businesses can Implement Trust in Social Media

Everyday more and more businesses are making the switch over to social media. Businesses that have made the switch over to these social media network platforms have already acquired many benefits. Some of these benefits include higher influence and awareness with your brand, and growth in engagement with consumers. With benefits there is one key … Weiterlesen

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