Loyalty Reward Programs Is the Easiest Way to Grow Business

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Loyalty Reward Programs Is the Easiest Way to Grow Business

Loyalty Reward Programs

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? When you purchase something from a brand, what are the chances you buy from it again? Well, there are many different factors for being loyal or not to the brand. If you purchase from the same store again, you probably have a strong reason to do it. The factors … Weiterlesen

How Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses Increase Sales?

Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

Customer loyalty programs for small businesses can increase repeat sales by up to 50%. If customers join the reward programs for small businesses, they can get benefit from offers specially customized towards them. Many small businesses still operate on the ‘earn points and redeem’ basis, where customers can get discounts on the next purchase. The … Weiterlesen

Loyalty Is a Leading Factor in Commercial Success

loyalty is a leading factor

“There is a huge difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.” -Shep Hyken Good companies become great companies with customer loyalty. Many studies have linked customer loyalty to be directly proportional to profitability. Companies who have profitably sustained themselves for decades do not tinker with their core competencies too much. They prefer going … Weiterlesen

How to Earn Customer Trust through Social Media

Customer Trust through Social Media

Customer trust is the most important tool for your business development both offline as well as online. In the new era where everything is going on web, including shopping, planning and even consulting ,gaining in your costumer trust and goodwill is crucial as it is the sole way that your brand might expand and rope … Weiterlesen

Quality versus Quantity on Social Media

Social media is constantly under debate over this topic of the quality over quantity. The quality of content, interaction and advertising over quantity is always discussed over and having a clash of opinions on it. But if we analyze the situation both quality and quantity are equally important for your business. Quantity is important because … Weiterlesen

Facebook and Marketing

Facebook is the fastest growing social network, which is widely used around the globe ranging its users from various age groups. Hence it’s crucial to keep your company updated about the changing trends and even keeping in track of the various sections of audiences in regard to location and age. When a company invests in … Weiterlesen

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