Apple, Inc. adoption of Social Media – To do or NOT to do.

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Apple, Inc. adoption of Social Media – To do or NOT to do.

Gone are the days when a company or individual identified its reputation based on the fan mails and e-mails they received. Welcome to the era of digital marketing and social engagement where an individual or company boasts its popularity by listing its thousands of likes or hundreds of followers. Facebook and Twitter are now fully … Weiterlesen

Social Media and Consumer Behavior

Social Media

Social media no longer remains as the tool for communication with friends and family, it’s turning out much more than that since a few years. The advancement that has been seen is due to change in behavioral patterns of the consumers. This new evolution is gradually being inherited into the daily life of individuals who … Weiterlesen

Social Media and Travel Brands

This sounds amusing but yes travel brands are utilizing the power of social media to bring in leads and expand their business. Off-late social media is attracting users towards travel brands or agency pages where the whole agenda and framework is set up to turn ‘looker of deals into a booker of deals’. Travel Sites … Weiterlesen

Your Brand’s culture and social media

Marketing a brand has grown from being a simple advertisement on a piece of paper with limited vocabulary with a number of social portals to advertise and grow your business. As social platforms are a two way stream it is important to work towards creating a strong and genuine relation with the users or followers, … Weiterlesen

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the new age advertising counterpart that develops awareness, increases sales and customer trust through the content published online or offline. Content marketing is more –efficient and easy, though it might be time consuming. The idea of content marketing is becoming more popular among marketers as a result of the growing influence of … Weiterlesen

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