Pionierarbeit in der Ära der sozialen Interaktion

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Pionierarbeit in der Ära der sozialen Interaktion

In the 4th century, the great baths were prominent and undoubtedly one of the most cherished parts of Roman culture. Symbolically it was a common place for bathing but, in reality, it was a meeting place for social and business interactions. Not much has changed, only today the global meeting place of the world is social media for both personal and business connections.

Here we will explore why social interactions are a lucrative engagement strategy and how you can build a strong base of loyal customers and brand advocates just through social interactions.

Why Is Social Different from Any Other Marketing Strategy?


There are several distinguishing factors that make social media interaction way more effective and lucrative than other marketing strategies, including:

  • Reach – As per Statista’s 2022 report, Facebook currently has more than 2.89 billion monthly active users, followed by Tiktok with 1 billion active users, Instagram with 815 million and Twitter with 217 million monetizable daily active users. These staggering numbers give us a glimpse of the potential reach of strong social interactions. On social platforms, the scope to grow your reach is infinite. With great content and innovative tactics, you can expand your brand reach across the globe.
  • Real-time dialogue – These days nearly every brand in the world has a social media account because customers prefer to have a real-time and relevant dialogue with the brands they do business with. Sprout Social reports 79% of consumers expect brands to respond within a day of reaching out over social media. Numerous brands across the globe, such as Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks among others have successfully improved customer engagement and even brand loyalty simply by social listening and delivering prompt replies to their customers.
  • Two-way communication – One of the most powerful and distinguishing factors of social interactions is it enables two-way communication. For most customers, certain brands seem unapproachable. Social media bridges the gap and enables customers to interact with brands directly and vice versa. In fact, according to Convince and Convert, answering a complaint on social media can increase customer advocacy by 25%. This is an important exercise in building loyalty. It enables brands to form an interpersonal relationship with their customers which is more lucrative and efficient than any other marketing technique. 
  • Increased Engagement – The State of Social’s annual Buffer report states 73% of marketers believe their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business, simply because social media platforms foster engagement. Boosting customer engagement has a direct and quantifiable impact on retention rate, sales, and revenue. It also positively influences brand reach and aids in creating a strong brand identity in the market. 
  • Community – Lastly, social interactions are a great way to form a community of your best customers. Consistent engagement, prompt replies, helpful comments and good content are great ways to attract and engage like-minded customers. Through your social media interactions, you can learn more about your audience, anticipate their needs, and aid in creating a bond that will help you create a strong brand identity and give you a competitive edge.

How Can You Make the Best of Your Social Interactions?

  • Explore All Your Options – Today’s reigning social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Twitter. Unfortunately, being present on just one isn’t enough as businesses worldwide strive to create a strong brand presence on all major social media platforms. Depending on your brand guidelines, products, and target audience choose social media platforms that best resonate with your brand personality and marketing requirements. For niche customers, there are niche social media platforms that cater to these audiences. Explore all your options and select platforms that match your brand purpose.
  • Be Present – Equally important is to stay active and online on your social platforms. On social media, customers expect prompt replies. A business that takes a day or two to respond is bound to lose customers. Being online also means posting frequently, be it videos, blogs, how-to lists, quotes, or animated gifs. Posting regularly increases brand recall and also has a direct impact on customer engagement.
  • Create Relevant and Entertaining Content – Even in social media, content is king. The more entertaining and engaging content you create, the more consumers you’ll attract. Brands like Netflix are especially good at A fashion vigilante account on Instagram called Diet Prada is being followed by more than three million users solely for the entertaining content it churns out. Great content has the potential to make your brand go viral on a global scale in a matter of just a few weeks.
  • Invest in Influencer Marketing – Influencers are the rockstars of social media platforms. Influencer marketing can instantaneously expand brand reach and give you much-needed exposure. Influencers not only promote the brand on socials but also give the brand they endorse a vote of confidence. This transfer of trust helps to foster trust and create a strong brand following.
  • Acknowledge Your Customers – One of the simplest yet most effective ways to leverage social interactions is to improve service and customer experience. Communicating with your users frequently, mentioning them in your posts, reposting or retweeting their content helps to create a special bond between your brand and its customers. Making your customers feel heard and appreciated is a simple strategy that can go a long way in building a community of loyal customers and brand advocates.

Amplifying Brand Reach with Annex Cloud

Experience and expertise are the key components required to create a strong social media presence that has quantifiable returns. With the help of Annex Cloud’s social comments, Influencer Management, and other loyalty and engagement solutions, you can quickly and easily amplify your brand reach. Kontakt today for a free demo or consultation.

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