Internationalized Loyalty + Advocate Marketing for Global Shoppers

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Internationalized Loyalty + Advocate Marketing for Global Shoppers

The world is growing smaller, and online and omni-channel sellers need to keep up. Forrester predicts that global cross-border B2C e-commerce will more than double over the next five years. All merchants of a certain size rely on international shipping and different language- or country-specific sites, but sometimes their marketing programs don’t maintain pace. Between different languages, limited budgets, and finite hours in a day, it can be challenging to extend and manage customer loyalty programs or advocate marketing solutions to customers around the world. These challenges are even more daunting when a seller uses different software vendors for its various point solutions, which might vary by country. However, an internationalized loyalty and advocate marketing platform helps marketers cross many of these hurdles.

What is Internationalization?

Generally, internationalization refers to software design and development that enables easy localization for target audiences that vary in culture, region, or language. Localization is the adaption of the software to meet national, regional, or culture requirements. In essence, internationalized software quickly adapts itself depending on where it’s being used. In many cases, this means that the software will change its displayed language, currency, and other variables from country to country. This is the case for internationalized Loyalität und advocate marketing programs–which include referrals, Benutzergenerierte Inhalte, visueller kommerz, and more.

Why Are Internationalized Loyalty and Advocate Marketing Useful?

With internationalized loyalty and advocate marketing solutions, a business can automatically cater to its customers across the world. It’s vital to tailor your marketing when addressing different regions of shoppers, but doing so can be challenging. You have to worry about translation and currency, and it’s possible that some of your products are available in certain regions but not in others. Accidentally marketing a product that customers can’t actually buy would be a big mistake!

From the marketing and tech teams’ perspectives, you would usually have to create a marketing program from the ground-up for each region it serves. You may have to purchase software from different vendors for specific countries, and aggregating data and developing insights would be quite the chore.

With an internationalized loyalty or advocate marketing program, it’s simple to deploy solutions in different markets. There’s no need to re-create a program, and one vendor can serve all the business’s needs. Consequently, all the data comes into one centralized dashboard, and comparing performance across regions is a snap.

Internationalized Loyalty and Advocate Marketing Capabilities

To be more specific, internationalized loyalty and advocate marketing solutions enable you to automatically…

  • Change languages and currencies depending on which country-specific site a user is on
  • Automatically display the user interface in the shopper’s browser-specific language, no matter which country or language site they’re on

Internationalized loyalty and Empfehlungsprogramme automatically reflect the user’s currency as well as their language.

With internationalized Visual Commerce and User Generated Content, you can…

  • Manage different displays for different locales
  • Seamlessly syndicate content across your sites
  • Automatically detect and translate content from more than 100 different languages: All written content is stored in our database using Unicode UTF-8 character coding so any caption can be displayed in any supported language.
  • Instantly screen and disapprove inappropriate content in any language
  • Gather image permissions and use approval hashtags for Visual Commerce in different languages
  • Translate questions to solicit answers from your customers across the world

The Case for Unified and Internationalized Loyalty and Advocate Marketing

Even when you have internationalized loyalty or advocate marketing solutions, if they come from different vendors you still have a lot to manage. If your referral program is a point solution from one company and your loyalty program is from another, you have to worry about integrating both with your existing e-commerce platform, ESP, CRM, and more, and then integrate them with each other. While loyalty and referral marketing both reinforce advocacy and retention, you won’t get the clearest insights and the most complete customer view of how the two interact.

When you have all of your advocate marketing and Kundenbindungsprogramme on the same platform from one vendor, you don’t have to worry about multiple implementations in the same manner. You manage all of your programs from one dashboard, get much richer insights, and save time and money.

Vivobarefoot’s Internationalized Loyalty and Advocate Marketing

Vivobarefoot is an innovative UK-based footwear brand with a devoted customer base. With Annex Cloud, they’ve been implementing multiple stages of internationalized loyalty and advocate marketing solutions. The first phase consisted of Sharing and Referrals and Social Login. They implemented these programs across their sites for the UK, the United States, the European Union, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and France. vivo raf dutch slide

So far, they’ve grown monthly orders by 38%, increased their email list by 20%, and achieved a 10:1 ROI.

You can find out even more about the success of this international implementation here!

Just last month, they debuted a loyalty program across these 7 sites in addition to Sharing and Referrals and Social Login. Just like the earlier implementation, the loyalty program automatically adapts to the user’s language and currency of choice. Vivobarefoot’s team manages everything from a central dashboard, and can easily monitor their solutions on both granular and aggregate levels. They’re engaging with their passionate customers all around the world, and are easily bolstering advocacy. Shoppers have a seamless experience across Vivobarefoot’s sites, whether they’re referring friends in French, logging in socially in Spanish, or redeeming loyalty points in Dutch.

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