Increase in Social Media Use by Small Businesses and How Social Commerce Can Help

von Sean Ogino |

Increase in Social Media Use by Small Businesses and How Social Commerce Can Help

According to a new study done by Manta 90 percent of small businesses are using social media platforms to network themselves actively. This means that small businesses owners are seeing social media as a tool that is more valuable than actually networking in person.  Using social media as a networking tool can help a business especially a small one create a new and loyal user base. Engagement through social media platforms can be a very powerful tool if used in the right way and help with conversions with sales. According to a study by the social skinny, Social commerce sales should total $9.2 billion by the end of the year and 60% of consumers are willing to post about products/services on facebook if they get a deal or discount.

So what does this all mean?

It means that small businesses need to become more familiarized with themselves with their brand’s presence and engagement. It’s very important to maintain a consistent presence. What small businesses need to understand is that more and more users are looking online so participating, networking, and being found online is extremely vital.  After establishing a consumer base, businesses are able to add a social layer which helps convert and boost sales. This social layer can consist of having tools like social sharing, social engagement, and social discovery for consumers which is social commerce.

Social Sharing can consist of tools that consumers receive incentives for sharing your products or etc. Some tools that are implemented are Share and Save which increase revenue and conversion rates by encouraging consumers to share your product on their timeline and they receive an incentive for posting your item. Social Loyalty is another way for businesses to create loyal consumers; this social tool focuses on increasing consumer buying habits.

With social engagement tools users are able to promote and engage around your brand. Some tools that are implemented are Social Contests they are a great way to get that type of engagement around your brand. A popular tool that is implemented into many sites is social login which allows potential consumers to sign in through their favorite social media platform.

Last but not least there is social discovery which helps you’re already established consumer base discover new products and help trigger a potential sale. Some tools that are used in social discovery are trending products where products that are most popular on your site are highlighted. One other tool that is implemented that is called a social shopping feed where it shows your users what you are” liking” or sharing in real time.

Having engagement, presence, and adding that special touch of a social layer can easily become a recipe for success for a small business. Remember with everything it takes time and patience for business to grow their presence and customer base.

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