Annex Cloud Loyalty is First to be Certified on SAP C/4 HANA for Marketing Cloud

by Rohan Ahire |

Annex Cloud Loyalty is First to be Certified on SAP C/4 HANA for Marketing Cloud

Annex Cloud, SAP’s preferred global loyalty partner, continues to expand it’s advanced loyalty solutions across the SAP technical stack with a new SAP C/4HANA certification. SAP chose Annex Cloud to be the first partner to complete the SAP certification for the Marketing Cloud. This certification is significant as this will provide a faster time to market and more implementation efficiencies for SAP clients.

Some of the key benefits of the Annex Cloud certified SAP Marketing Cloud integration are as follows:

  1. Cross-Promotion of Goods
  2. Margins when retaining existing customers
  3. Repeat purchase rates, AOV, LTV
  4. Keeping customers engaged in between purchases
  5. Incentivizing customers to take actions without discounting  (Ex. Visit our store, Log-in to website)
  6. Reward Kundenwerbung
  7. Onsite tracking and customizable rewards (Track activity and offer customers a variety of rewards)
  8. Integrated social actions with native referral marketing and gamification (Automatically reward your customers for sharing and referring friends via social media networks)

SAP’s App Center system allows technology partners to place apps on their system but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are SAP approved or certified. Annex Cloud operates with the highest quality standards in the industry so it only made sense to invest in the SAP rigorous certification process.

What does this mean for you?

Now, clients can rest easy knowing that Annex Cloud advanced loyalty solutions have been validated, tested and certified. This certification process looks at the development, use cases, code reviews, API reviews and more to ensure the app works and it works well in different technical environments and across different verticals like MLM, automotive, food and beverage, health and beauty, etc.

“Our preferred loyalty partnership with SAP is based on achieving the highest quality standards in the industry and exceeding our client’s highest expectations,” says Jeff Herrera, Chief Marketing Officer at Annex Cloud. “We will always work side by side with SAP to certify our advanced loyalty solutions across the entire tech stack with SAP.”

If you’re interested in learning more about loyalty, ratings and reviews, referral marketing, native receipt scanning, etc. with Annex Cloud, please Contact us.

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