Emerging Marketing Trends

von Sean Ogino |

Emerging Marketing Trends

Many businesses build marketing plans every day, but some of those plans aren’t built to respond to the latest marketing trends. With these types of plans while its very vital to stay focus, it’s also important to stay on top of marketing trends to create opportunities for your business.

One trend that is important on any level is being able to have an immense branding presence throughout all marketing outlets. Everyday more and more outlets are being available for businesses to use and businesses need to start recognizing that being connected to these channels is very valuable. Not only does this mean social media channels, but across the web, tv, and printed publications.

Another trend that is emerging is user generated content that consumers are sharing throughout the online community. This type of content comes from directly the existing or a potential consumer grows in value.  The key to having a success in this type of trend is how brands and businesses are able to inspire and aid this type of content.

One big, yet not surprising trend that is evolving is the ever closing gap between businesses and social media. If you haven’t yet, businesses need to take social media as a more serious professional tool. This tool is used to actively connect with potential consumers but businesses are using this tool more and more or customer service and interaction. The consumer will take charge of the rise of your brand/business to promote in recommending, recruiting other potential customers, and connecting with your business/brand.

Closely linked with our last stated trend the consumer’s voice will get louder. The social media word of mouth will keep growing and consumers relying on these social platforms for advice and to comment on their choice of products.

Marketing trends will keep diversifying where connection, influence and feedback will rule these channels. If businesses and brands want to stay ahead using these channels on how their consumers interact with them will help grow leads, customers, and revenue.

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