Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

by Erin Raese |

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection

Your brand growth strategy depends on having accurate and timely customer data. In fact, data is the new currency. The Economist compares data with oil and just like when oil was the hottest commodity, data mining has regulations in place to ensure ethical data collection and management practices. Consumers are more protective of their data … Weiterlesen

Loyalty By the Numbers: Top 63 Customer Retention Statistics for 2022

Customer Loyalty Retention Strategies

Companies Need Loyalty More Than Ever Let’s face it, getting a decent night’s rest these days is tough. Chances are counting sheep doesn’t even work when you’re tossing and turning over lingering COVID, the war in Ukraine, soaring gas prices, inflation at an all-time high, and a recession threatening to strike any day. The silver … Weiterlesen

7 Unverzichtbare Mitteilungen zum Treueprogramm zur Maximierung der Teilnahme

Annex Cloud Customer Loyalty Program

A lot goes into a really effective loyalty program. Once you have the strategy, design, and financials planned out, the next important step is to focus on a robust marketing communication plan, so you and your customers can get the maximum benefit. All your marketing channels provide great opportunities to promote your loyalty program, especially … Weiterlesen

How Loyalty Can Help You Shift Automaker and Dealership Success into High Gear

Automotive Customer loyalty program

Can you hear that? It’s the fundamental shift in how consumers are now buying cars. In response to the pandemic, consumers were quick to steer their car shopping online. Frost & Sullivan report that for automakers 72 percent of customer interactions are digital and dealerships are now often the last stop. Test drives are increasingly … Weiterlesen

How Referral Reward Programs Can Drive Engagement and Foster Growth

If you are unclear about the scope and success rate of referral programs, here’s a fun fact – 88% of Americans say they would prefer to be incentivized or rewarded for sharing their product recommendations on their social media as well as to their family and friends. Purchase decisions are based on many factors, such … Weiterlesen

Reward Card Programs – An Extensive Guide

Marketing is not limited to just print, broadcast, and outdoor advertising anymore. As the competition grows, it has become crucial for brands to prove themselves to consumers in the market by building a strong relationship with the clientele. Dedicated customers not only ensure great sales but often also have a high lifetime value. This should … Weiterlesen

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