Nutzen Sie Loyalty Marketing, um zustimmungsbasierte First-Party-Daten zu erfassen

von Natasha Ambavle |

Nutzen Sie Loyalty Marketing, um zustimmungsbasierte First-Party-Daten zu erfassen

Collecting First-Party Data While Reinforcing Customer Loyalty

Every brand wants to create an individualized experience for its consumers that increases customer engagement and retention, which is only possible with good data. But, with the global movement toward privacy and empowering consumers, so they have control of their data and how it’s used, the question becomes how can organizations acquire relevant, accurate data … Weiterlesen

How Fashion Brands Can Turn Heads in a Crowded Market

Loyalty Programs for Fashion Industry

Fashion brands are facing interesting times. The explosion of private-label brands and online marketplaces have made differentiation more important than ever. The phasing out of third-party cookies and fragmented customer data make it difficult to truly know customer preferences and deliver the personalized experiences today’s consumers crave. According to McKinsey, The State of Fashion 2021, … Weiterlesen

Double down on Personalization to Deliver Better Customer Experience

double down on personalization to deliver better customer experience

There is an ongoing need for brands to deliver better customer experience. Better customer experience not only aids happy and engaged customers, but also drives customer retention. Customers nowadays have become intelligent with their choices. Most customers would leave if they had other choices that offered better experiences. This significantly affects customer retention goals of … Weiterlesen

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