Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

by Erin Raese |

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection Tips

Customer Data Types and Privacy-friendly Collection

Your brand growth strategy depends on having accurate and timely customer data. In fact, data is the new currency. The Economist compares data with oil and just like when oil was the hottest commodity, data mining has regulations in place to ensure ethical data collection and management practices. Consumers are more protective of their data … Weiterlesen

Kundenerlebnis – ganz persönlich

The Evolution of Customer Experience

We all know how significant customer experience is and how it’s the most important factor that influences purchase decisions. We’ve been talking about customer experience for more than a decade now. Almost every business today has a keen focus on enhancing customer service but beyond that we’re not so sure. So, what distinguishes leaders from … Weiterlesen

Nutzen Sie Loyalty Marketing, um zustimmungsbasierte First-Party-Daten zu erfassen

Collecting First-Party Data While Reinforcing Customer Loyalty

Every brand wants to create an individualized experience for its consumers that increases customer engagement and retention, which is only possible with good data. But, with the global movement toward privacy and empowering consumers, so they have control of their data and how it’s used, the question becomes how can organizations acquire relevant, accurate data … Weiterlesen

A Guide on Card-linked Loyalty

Card-linked customer Loyalty

According to the Digital Commerce Annual Report 2021, 35% of businesses indicated their card-linking programs grew by more than 100%. Based on input from fin-tech, ad-tech, and merchant leaders worldwide, the global trade association’s 2020 findings also show significant industry growth, including a 40% increase in the share of advertising budgets devoted to card-linking. Study … Weiterlesen

Turn these 4 CPG Trends into Opportunities with Loyalty

CPG Trends with Loyalty

Between the pandemic and Google announcing it’s planning to phase out third-party cookies, Consumer Goods companies are facing some tough challenges. It could be time to consider a loyalty strategy and turn those challenges into exciting and profitable opportunities. Here are four key CPG/FMCG trends and a few ways customer loyalty for CPG/FMCG can help … Weiterlesen

Do You Know Your Customers Better Than Your Competitors?

Did you know, companies that adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to have an advantage over the competition and increase profitability? In fact, a recent Forbes article states that they are six times more likely to be profitable year-over-year. So, what is this customer data that drives success? In simple terms, it’s knowledge about your … Weiterlesen

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