A Complete Know-How of Hospitality Loyalty Programs

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A Complete Know-How of Hospitality Loyalty Programs

hospitality loyalty programs

What is the first thought that crosses your mind when you hear Loyalty Programs? If you ask a Gen X or a Baby Boomer they would instantly say – Air miles or The Hotel Industry. Today, brands from across sectors are investing in loyalty programs, but the hospitality industry was among the first few to … Weiterlesen

Know the Best Travel and Hospitality Loyalty Programs to Drive More Referrals

Travel and Hospitality Loyalty Programs

The hospitality sector is a highly competitive market, which creates challenges for hoteliers in gaining customer loyalty. As travel and hospitality loyalty programs can prove to be a key driver in retaining customers and gaining patronage and loyalty, businesses should launch a robust loyalty program to target consumers in unique ways and offer more personalized … Weiterlesen

Exploring The Best Travel Loyalty Programs Designed to Boost Customer Retention

Travel Loyalty Programs

With the year 2020 proving devastating for the world’s economy due to COVID19 outbreak, the travel industry is indeed the one to be the worst hit by the pandemic. Travel loyalty programs being the key to retaining travel industry customers, companies in this business vertical can consider getting back on track by implementing robust travel … Weiterlesen

Build a Restaurant Loyalty Program That Actually Works

Restaurant Loyalty Program

Suppose it is a weekend and you are planning to go out with your friends and dear ones. You have many options to choose from: watch a movie, a long drive, or dining at a restaurant. Suddenly you realize that a restaurant has a special offer where you can get discounts on menu items. As … Weiterlesen

Hotel Loyalty Program Is Proven to Grow Your Hotel Business by 50%

Hotel loyalty program

When American Airlines launched its rewards program (AAdvantage) in the early 1980s, it gave rise to rampant loyalty programs in the hospitality industry, including the hotel industry. Since then, the hotel loyalty program has seen a meteoric rise because of its mammoth returns. But fast forward 2020, and the world saw lockdowns on an unprecedented … Weiterlesen

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